Stranger things

So yesterday I had my first ultrasound, the official first step of the transfer cycle. I found it very nerve wracking but I always end up nervous the day of these types of appointments . The lead up is fine but something about actually going makes me panic. The tech was very nice and I […]

On my way home

As we slowly make our way home, I can see the bottom half of my face in the side rearview mirror. All I can think is, “God, I look like my mother.” I told my husband this a couple of weeks ago. He told me I was crazy and I didn’t look like her. Either […]

Am I being used…

Or did you really need help? I have a friend who I was friends with before babies. We’d hang out and have a good time but her and her husband were flakey. But we liked them. Even though there was a good 60% chance they were going to cancel on you last minute.  So fast […]


 So I started BCP for the transfer cycle at the end of June almost a week and a half ago. BCPs are unpleasant. I have never gotten fuller boobs or clearer skin. I get hungry at 8 or 9 at night and headaches. The rest of my drugs came yesterday. I was talking to my […]

What did you just say?

Yesterday afternoon I had a meeting. I have been part of an art gallery co-op for a few years. I was voted in treasurer and took this job very seriously. The previous treasurer had been doing a very bad job. It took me 6-9 months to sort out everything. It was a volunteer position. So […]

The technical grandpa

My husband’s parents divorced over a decade ago. It was not pretty. There was serious infidelity and alcohol addiction issues. His father did some very bad things to his mother. His father, L, is a functional alcoholic. Not a staggering, fall down drunk. The problem is lying he does and the choices he makes when […]


I knew it was coming. My stomach was acting weird and today, Jesus Christ, today. The morning was fine. We were very productive. Went to a garden center got some things we needed and a bunch of things we didn’t need. I have been digging up sod in several places because where I live, grass […]