I started out like most women, totally oblivious that I would have any trouble having a baby. We started trying to have a baby almost two years ago. The first year came and went. We started doing tests. My tubes were both totally ruined. Hydrosalpinx, fluid in both tubes, no chance of repair. IVF it was. My RE went into remove the tubes. She did not know why they were so badly damaged until she started the surgery. I have Stage IV endometriosis. Which means endometriosis everywhere in my pelvic cavity. Ruined tubes and cysts on my ovaries. The cysts we not very apparent. We moved on to IVF. My hormone levels were perfect my AMH a healthy 3.92. This was going to work.

Two cycles later, we knew this wouldn’t work. I couldn’t make it past day 8. I had follicles growing but my estrogen level, both times with different protocols, took a nose dive. Indicating that the eggs had stopped growing or were poor quality.

We decided to move on to an egg donor. So here we are, 12 frozen embryos and on the verge of my first FET.

My husband has been along for the ride. I am 31 and he is 33, also healthy as a horse. We started dating when I was 18 and have been together ever since. Partners in crime.

Transfer #1 Dec 2014, holy crap! It worked. Baby boy expected Sept 5th 2015!

Elliott arrives two weeks early in August. He is happy and healthy. He is 7lbs 2oz.


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