A PSA about PIO

Did you know that there are two types of PIO? One uses sesame oil and the other is in ethyl oleate. Doesn’t seem like that should matter much but it does. My nurse switched me to the ethyl oleate because I was have itching at the injection site as well as my forearms and calves. It wasn’t terrible but benedryl didn’t help so I mentioned it and she switched me. Now the ethyl oleate is about $7.50 more for each vial but I’m a pretty convinced that for me it is worth it. 

My lower back was a mess from being a pin cushion. Knots that wouldn’t go away and very tender. I tried the heating pad and making sure I got up and moving shortly after the shot. I have been on the ethyl oleate for four days and the difference is amazing. No more knots, my back isn’t tender anymore and the needles are a gauge thinner. The ethyl oleate isn’t as thick as the sesame suspension. My nurse did say that she hasn’t ever had anyone have many, if any, of the same issues with the sesame oil as with the ethyl oleate. 

Another thing worth mentioning is the estrogen patches. I got busy and needed more patches and didn’t order them on time. The pharmacy called them in to my local grocery store pharmacy. Instead of the $160-170 !a box! I paid $74.50. I was shocked! It is worth checking out your local pharmacy for your meds. You might be able to save some money because the stuff is expensive.


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