Slowing down

Just a warning, this post talks about pregnancy a bit. 
I have a hard time slowing down. Especially when someone tells me to. I see it as a challenge. Or motivation. We have been re-landscaping or backyard for months now. I ripped out 1200sqft of junipers and we have been working on terracing the exposed hillside. We have been digging a French drain and building a retaining wall that is 2.5ft deep, 5ft tall and 4ft wide. We have been using welded wire cages and filling them with stone.

It has been hard work. Our timeline was thrown off because of a shitty company who refused to honor the work contract we had with them. Our schedule was tight because my transfer was coming up. It set us back by a week and a half because we had to scramble to find someone to do work that we thought would be taken care of. 

My transfer came and went and we were behind. We continue to fall slightly behind because my betas were positive. We still have two weeks to go for the ultrasound but I am tired. And there is 7 tons of rock in my driveway. I have been helping as much as I can but I’m not willing to push myself harder than I should and my husband definitely doesn’t want me to either.

It is hard for me to be so sedentary but I can’t push through the tired and I know I shouldn’t. We are just so close, well at least with this phase. We still have to regrade. And build a chicken coop and probably a million other things I’m forgetting. It is hard for me to relax when I know so much needs to be done. 


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