Leavin’ on a jet plane

It is 6am and the house is quiet. The dog, the boy and the kid are all still asleep. I rather enjoy the quiet. I don’t get it often. I drink a cup of coffee and manage to drink the whole cup while it is hot. I have breakfast without someone trying to steal it. It is nice. It centers me. 

I may need that today as we are flying to Austin to see my husband’s family. The majority of them live there. His grandmother is 98. She met our son last year and it is time to visit again.

 Last trip was pretty easy. It was a two hour flight and I had a baby that was still breastfeeding. Easy peasy. He would have a snack and then doze off. This time I have a toddler, who is busy all the time and no longer breast feeds. No magic boob will make him instantly happy and lull him to sleep this time. My husband’s personal item for the plane consists of snacks, books drawing supplies and an iPad with a few episodes of Sesame Street. And like always, my purse is full of snacks and toys as well. Fingers crossed.

This kid has some quirks. He had decided he hates public restrooms. Like he is terrified. For instance, last night we were at a restaurant and he needed to be changed. His Nana volunteered and I followed them in just in case there wasn’t a changing table. He lost his mind. My relaxed baby why rigid and screamed bloody murder when we laid him on the table.  It was crazy. So now I’m wondering how he’ll be at the airport when he needs a change. I guess we’ll see.

My transfer is coming up soon. The 26th. So far my lining checks and estrogen levels have been good. My lining is already over their minimum level so in a week and a half transfer two will happen. I was nervous about my lining. I have only ever gotten this far one before. I had no idea if it would cooperate again. They always say every cycle is different. I always thought that was funny. Both cycles that were cancelled when I tried to use my own eggs were cancelled for the exact same reason despite different protocols. So maybe for me they are the same. I am hopped up on so many drugs and still have to add PIO to the mix. I find myself being short with people. And the hot flashes. How wonderful they are. And now off to a place that is forcast to be 100+ everyday we are there. 


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