Stranger things

So yesterday I had my first ultrasound, the official first step of the transfer cycle. I found it very nerve wracking but I always end up nervous the day of these types of appointments . The lead up is fine but something about actually going makes me panic. The tech was very nice and I have had her many times. She was shocked that it had been so long since I had been in. She said it only seemed like yesterday I was there and now I have an almost two year old. My ultrsound went fine. My lining was nice and thin. My gigantic cyst on my right ovary is still there, no real change since is  was first seen three and a half years ago. I feel like I should name it or something. It has had such a huge impact on my life it really should have some sort of title. It is always a glaring reminder of the disease that got me here in the first place.


I got the go ahead to start my estrogen around noon. Now I have a sticky patch on my stomach that seems to stick to anything that comes remotely near it. My stomach was a mess last night. I’m not sure if it was the food, the last of my appointment anxiety or the fact that I started hormones. It always seems to take week or so for my body to adjust to the new drugs. I had a rash on my stomach from the lupron that took about a week to go away. No one was concerned about. I guess it is a common enough side effect.

Something strange happened yesterday afternoon. As I have mentioned before, I have tried to tell you mom on a couple of occasions that we were thinking about trying again. But I always end up listening to her complain about her life instead. I have pretty much given up trying. My MIL has a better idea and knows we are doing something but nothing about the transfer date. She has been helping with E when I have appointments. So yesterday my mother sends a picture of an activity mat that is all pink. She says something about how it would be nice for a girl. I tell her it is cute and that’s it. She then tells me she bought it just in case. I said I’m sure she’ll meet someone eventually that will have a little girl she can give it to. She says,” yes and I hope she is thinking about it when she gets back from Austin, lol.”

We go to Austin to visit my husband’s family this weekend. I have no idea why she has done this. It is so bizarre. She and my sister have no knowledge of what we are doing or that we are transferring on the 26th. I have casually  said it would be nice to have another  but that is it. It was uncanny. Either she has some crazy “mom sense” or this is just some weird coincidence. Either way, it is just weird.


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