April showers

Well technically, they were March showers. It doesn’t rain much where I live and really, it didn’t take much rain to cause trouble. When we bought our new house in November, there was water damage on the cathedral ceiling around the chimney and skylights. We were assured that they had been fixed with a new roof and that the damage was only cosmetic (it was stipulated that everything was kosher before we bought ir). Guess what everyone? It wasn’t! I like surprises just not this kind. We had rain for two days, not a ton or very hard. Water was running down the ceiling onto the walls, a section in the master bath on the wall had bulged out to form a baseball size pimple of water. To say we were upset was an understatement. We had paid for a painter to come in and patch and paint the ceiling and I had painted the bathroom. Now the water stains on the ceiling are back and there is a hole in my bathroom, revealing moldy drywall. So fun.

Remember how the former owner became our neighbor? We he’s been super helpful….. Just kidding. He has been a complete asshole. So the guy who installed his roof “he’d trust with his life”. Ok, thanks dude. My roof is still leaking. Fix it. So the roofer isn’t returning our phone calls. Instead he is playing a game of telephone with his buddy. So our neighbor tells him the damage, he’s never seen it and has had one conversation about it. So roofer man sends out three dudes, to my house, while I’m alone in my house with a toddler and gets on my roof completely unannounced. They didn’t ring the doorbell or come and ask me what the damage was because they have no idea. Instead, they got on our roof and started putting silicon everywhere. So I am getting E up from his nap and my dog starts losing her shit. Completely. Because three strange men are on my roof. So I confront them. No one speaks English or is interested in speaking with me. After telling them to stop what they were doing THREE times they finally stop. And leave. Did I mention the roofing company owner had never called us or come out to see the damage? So I called him. Left a nice little message.

I don’t have anger issues per se, I’m just assertive. So anyway, instead of calling us, the roofer calls our neighbor who then comes over. So I tell him, calmly, how this has nothing to do with him. The roofer needs to call us and so on. He then send a text to OUR realtor tell her that I need to back off and let the men work. Her response was to tell him I have every right to kick strange men off my property.


Wow, what a rant. I took my aggression out on the 1200sqft section of junipers we are removing and also made a large rock garden. I really hate this guy. Both of them. They are demeaning and disrespectful. I still get to tell our neighbor that. He needs to deal with my husband from now on because I have no interest in talking or dealing with him again.

Anyway, you can imagine that 1200sqft of raw hillside needs some plants. I have had so many nice neighbors offer me all sorts. Which is great because now money is tight or potentially tight because we might have to replace our roof. Something that was installed in 2015. I just don’t need the stress. I am waiting for my period to start this month so I can start the ridiculous amount of testing I need to complete so we can try to do a transfer in June/July. That was al the stress I needed. I have garden space ready to plant to help deal with my stress but now I’m using it for new sources of stress. I guess I’m glad it is huge.


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