Pork fat and sewers

So yesterday as I was cooking dinner I managed to splash boiling pork fat and olive oil on my chest and face. Not my finest moment. My husband rushed home from work and we decided to go to urgent care. They cleaned up the burns and put ointment on them. 1st degree burns in my chest and 2nd on my face, of course. No pain meds for me because E is still nursing. I took a picture to show my mom and she immediately called my nurse brother. He was appalled by the care and ointment I got from them and pretty much freaked me out enough to call a burn center to make an appointment. So we went this morning. I called last night and they told me not to eat after midnight and bring someone along in case surgery was required. This worried me. But because of the breastfeeding and the 2nd degree burn being small, the doctor wants to just use medicated ointment. So now here I sit, with gauze taped to my chest, sticky and covered in goo. Yuck!

With all the house stuff going on and my occasional accident šŸ˜‘, my husband has missed some work. He’s taken off early for various reasons and taken days off. Apparently, one of his managers noticed. He talked with him about it the other day. Not to reprimand but just to check on him. This, of course, freaked him out. He isn’t falling behind it anything like that but he came home early yesterday and then went in late today. Not great. And totally my fault. I feel bad that this has happened and feel responsible. 

Despite all that, things are moving smoothly with the new house. The sewer line was clogged by roots and so we had to have it cleaned before we knew if it was in good repair. The price for fixing it would be upwards of $6k. We know this because we got ours fixed at the house we sold. Not cheap and the owner/realtor of our new place has already been a pain about $5k when negotiating the house price. Luckily, we don’t have to deal with it. 


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