All done

What a weekend. So my dad showed up in Friday. He was better than he had been right after E was born. Much more interactive but probably because you can’t ignore a toddler. He still spent most of the time on his phone, watching videos on Facebook. I had expected limited interaction and was prepared for this. I knew I was going to be interrupted countless times, I knew my dad wasn’t going to really listen to what I said and so I made peace with that. It made for a much more pleasant weekend. 

My sister is another matter. It has been a year since either of us had seen my dad. You’d think that this coupled with how close she lives, four blocks away, that she would make some sort of an effort to come see him. She didn’t. She had important things to do, like get her haircut and go to a concert. Important stuff. I was pissed, needless to say. So today she asked if we were free on Sunday afternoon. I said no, we had plans with my mother-in-law. So then my sister goes into this whole thing about how maybe it would be nice if we made time for my side of the family. I know what you are thinking. Is she crazy!? She might be. After telling me how terrible I am and neglectful, I bring up how she refused to come see my dad. She tells me she doesn’t care if she ever sees my dad. The cognitive dissonance is startling. She really has no idea how hypocritical she is being. This is because she has no understanding of her behavior. No one has ever made her accountable. Ever. It is so frustrating. She acts like she is the only one who has plans or a job or is busy or whatever. It doesn’t matter if the trip was planned or not. She is always magically busy when my mom comes to town as well. Those trips are planned months in advance. 

So on to some good stuff. We went under contract for the house we wanted and had put an offer on that was rejected. Two offers to be exact. Did I mention the seller is crazy. He continues to be and is also the realtor. So we worked out a deal for a price we both agreed on. Great! Easy, right? No, this guy is cray. We had to basically threaten him to get him to take the listing off the MLS after we paid the earnest money. I have mentioned that he texts our realtor all the time, he’s still doing that. Mostly about what a great deal we are getting and how fabulous all the upgrades he’s done are. We scheduled the inspection for yesterday. So we show up and the guy is still there. And kind of refusing to leave. He says some stuff about how he won’t be offended by anything the inspector says. Both the realtor and inspector says he’s gotta go. So we sit around for 20 minutes while our very frustrated realtor pretends to be on a call pacing in front of the garage, where the guy is. He’s just nuts. Anyway, he leaves. The inspector does his thing. He didn’t find anything major. Fantastic. I’ll be glad to be shot if this guy. 

Funny story though, E is very confidently walking in his own these days which leads to a baby in everything. So this crazy guy is still living at the house but with hardly anything in it. There is a chair, a mattress and a tv. So of course E finds the remote. My sister-in-law came along to watch him while we were busy. So she puts the remote by the tv so E doesn’t lose it. So at 9pm last night I get a text from our realtor asking if we had done anything to the remote because crazy dude can’t find it….


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