When is enough enough?

That is a good question. It is possible I don’t know my “enough” limit. Stubborn is a good descriptor. It is a trait that I can see in myself as far back as I can remember. It has caused pain and joy, maybe in equal measure. When do you know to stop because it is in your best interest. I think and hope that when others are involved, I am more able to set limits and consider consequences. I have mellowed as I have gotten older. But there is always a little voice in the back of my mind when presented with conflict that says, “Fuck it, let’s burn it down!” Not great. Rarely does this little arsonist win these days. 

So that brings us to today. This weekend we gave our walk away price to the guy selling the house we want. He says he wanted 5k more. We already came up by 35k, he conceded 10k from asking. 5k. Five thousand dollars between us and the house we love. We were pissed. The market is grinding to a halt. Nothing new. Just over priced houses that have been around for months. Then a smart choice popped up. It was a house we had seen in the flesh. No real character or charm. It is very nice, just very bland. So we started the process of getting our sad tired ducks in a row. The house has been under contract THREE times. So our broker started asking questions. The last people pulled out because the slab has/is moved/moving. So that is the end of that. We don’t have time to start the process, only to have it fall through at inspection. The vague info offered about the slab was a huge red flag. It might have settled but I’m not buying a house with foundation problems. That seems nutso. 

So back to the unreasonable man and his house. We are offering the 5k he wants today. We are so sick of this whole process. If we can pay an extra 5k to be somewhere we want, in a place we love then do it. This has been SO emotionally draining. And the thing is, these people have proved time and time again that they are not reasonable so it may not even work. Man, that would be a kick in the teeth.

It has sucked my energy and I feel bad that I am so worn down. E has to know and feel the stress mom and dad are under. E is on the verge of walking. He still wants to hold on to your finger and just walk around the house. We do laps around couch.  He takes steps on his own, he’s just not ready to be completely independent. Because he is mastering a new skill, he wants and needs extra attention. I’m mustering all I’ve got for him. 


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