Well that didn’t work. We put in an offer for the house. It was a low offer. The house is in a bit of a state. For instance, almost all the switch covers are missing and there are a few light fixtures that are just exposed wire. Oh and some doors are missing, albeit interior doors, but they are missing. And a toilet isn’t mounted. I’m sure you are reading this thinking, “well, why the hell do you want it then?” The problem is it isn’t a rational choice. It was and is a very emotional choice. We just love it. So the guy who is the realtor, the son of the deceased owner and also grew up in the house was offended by our offer. Why he even bothered to respond or counter is still a mystery. Probably because this was the first showing and offer he had had in a month. And we pissed him off. His counter was a 5k reduction. Which was ridiculous. The sad thing is, we still want it.

He started sending our realtor unsolicited text messages trying to justify his price. A house down the street sold in a few days, over list price and had five offers. It was also finished, meaning hardwoods and basic things like working toilets and light fixtures. So instead of listing for a similar price, which would have drummed up more interest because it would be closer to the right price, he just listed it at the price the other sold for. Nuts, right? No five offers or a reasonable starting point. And because it is overpriced will sit there. And because we are idiots and love it, we will probably offer a walk away price before we make an offer anywhere else. We looked at a house one street over that was the same house but beautifully finished, it was also kind of sterile. We were going to make an offer this week but it went under contract yesterday. Ugh.

Then, of course, my period started Thursday night. So to add to the already emotional and stressful house business my period came a week early. I used to see it as just an inconvenience. Now it is a glaring reminder that my insides are broken. My failure. I am very grateful my uterus works and I was able to have my son but there are still emotions I am processing about being infertile. I probably always will be working through them. It is almost like I get to pretend I am boring and normal for the majority of the month. Then my period shows up as is like, “oh, hey. Don’t forget, this stuff doesn’t work right.” After having E, I think my periods have much more of an emotional impact, maybe my hormones are different. But I find myself feeling all the feels. Feeling overwhelmed, feeling angry that it takes SO much intervention to even consider maybe one day trying for another baby, feeling betrayed by my body. I am grateful for my son, that trying to have a baby was even an option but hormones make you irrational. 

Now we are adding to the disappointment with the house and the anxiety that our house isn’t really ours anymore and now the holidays are like tomorrow, right!? And there are NO houses and any house still on the market is being sold by a crazy person who won’t sell us their house like the last two we tried to buy because despite having no other offers those two are still on the market. Yeah, this is what is looping in my head right now. DH and I are just getting so burnt out by all of this. It is just so frustrating. It is frustrating because our house was on the market for 3 days and got 6 offers. That was because we were realistic about pricing it. Just because it is a seller’s market doesn’t mean you can make up some crazy price. especially not this time of year. 


7 thoughts on “Nope.

  1. That’s crazy. I guess the guy is not in a rush to sell his house. But it’s just so unreasonable to expect anything more than he deserves for the condition of this house. Man… I hope that this gets sorted out for you soon.

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    1. The craziest part is we still really, really want it. It isn’t a logical desire. We just want to be there for possibly the rest of our lives so updating and fixing it up, in our minds, can take as long as it needs. It doesn’t make any sense. Thanks for the encouragement. It is greatly appreciated.


  2. Good grief I can’t imagine trying to buy a house during all this baby making effort… but I totally know what you mean about finding a house that works for you even if it’s not perfect… in the ten years since I bought my house I think almost everything in it has been replaced from the toilets to the insulation to the windows to all of the appliances… ultimately look at what your monthly payment will or won’t change to if you accept the terms… I kind of look at buying a house the same as accepting a job… how much will my paycheck ultimately differ if I say yes? The negotiation process of buying a house can be incredibly painful and you’ve got a lot of other things on your mind obviously at the same time… I think it will go down on the price a little to cover the cost of those repairs then you should take it and have a good person in to help get the house as you want it with that additional money. I had a lot of knob and tube wiring in my house that needed to be fixed before I moved in but ultimately it was worth it. Hang in there chica…

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