Please sell us your house…

Things have been stressful around here lately. We went and saw the house we want again. Our broker is writing an offer. The house is over priced so our offer is low. I have to admit, we are pretty desperate for the place. I’ve written a letter to the seller about how we love the house and want to raise our family there. I don’t know if that will matter but it certainly won’t hurt. As far as we know there are no other offers or interest in the house. It is over priced and the pictures the seller posted are truly awful, like he took pictures of a dirty kitchen and even captioned it “messy kitchen”. We are now just waiting. Time is passing with this whole house hunt. It is kind of terrifying. We can always stay with my MIL but that is a last resort. The market is slowing and the holiday season seems so close.

This is all so stressful. It also coincides with E getting four more teeth. That equals a clingy needy baby. It is just impractical to carry around a 1 year old ALL the time. That just adds to the stress of knowing we could potentially be homeless in a couple of months and we may or may not get this house that we so desperately want. 

We went for a second showing and really just reconfirmed how badly we want the house. There is a park a couple of blocks away and a grocery store only a couple of blocks away. The yard needs work but has some really fantastic old trees. The lot is more than twice what we have now. So much room for a baby and a dog to play in. It is just perfect for us. A house with character that needs some love. That is what we have been looking for all these months. 


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