Lucky number 7

So this is the 7th post I have started since I last posted. I’m not really sure where to go with my blog. It is a sentiment I have seen from many other fertility bloggers. Things change when you have a baby. I would assume many followers are struggling with fertility. So my focus won’t be my son but my blog will be more just about my life in general, baby included. While I was and am very lucky that DE IVF worked for me, infertility is something that never goes away and it has impacted every part of my life.

So, now that’s out of the way, I’ll get on with it. DH hasn’t had anymore dizzy spells, which I am grateful for. It freaked us both out. He’s never sick and this was just so bizarre. I don’t know if it was because of stress or some sort of illness. It was scary. I think the stress of selling our house probably contributed. Selling was a hard choice to make. We’ve been here 12 years. We are staying in the same city but we will be moving to a different neighborhood. We have simply been priced out of our neighborhood by at least $100k. So there would be no stretching to make it work. It just isn’t an option. Coming to terms with leaving our neighborhood had been hard. I know that sounds silly but we have built a life here. Maybe I am being dramatic and it won’t be a big deal. It is just going to be a big change. Our house was only on the market for 3 days. We got 6 offers. We were lucky that the best offer was also from people who really fell in love with our house and will take care of it. It is a comfort to know that this old girl will continue to be loved and looked after.

So house hunting sucks. It is terrible, emotional and stressful. We are looking in a couple of areas where all the houses are around the same age. In the heart of the city, where we are now, houses are old. Our old girl just celebrated her 108th birthday. The new areas are mid century, so 50s to 70s. We are essentially looking at the same 3 houses. Tri-levels, split levels and ranch houses. The differences are neighborhoods, finishes, schools and price. It was getting kind of exhausting. We put in an offer on a house that needed to be completely updated. The sellers want too much for it. So we put in a low offer which was closer to what it is actually worth. They declined it. We asked again a month later and told them our absolute top end. Still not enough. So it is just sitting on the market. We were getting discouraged until the other day. 

We had a showing cancel and so added a few houses to our list. One had terrible pictures and was too expensive. We went anyway because we have pretty much looked at every house available. So we walk in and immediately I know I want this house. I knew it as we walked up to the front door. It needs work. But it is wonderful. It was built in 1970 and the first house we walked into that had soul. We’ll see what happens. There is a long and complicated story and history with the house and it is probably boring to anyone but us. Needless to say, we are trying to make this house our new home. It is a place we can see raising our family and growing old in. We had a very similar response to the house we live in now. We were young. We had seen so many soulless houses. Then we looked at ours. It was too expensive but we just needed it. If we weren’t on a busy street, moving would have never been considered. Wish us luck as the saga continues. Hopefully we have found our house.


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