Hives, birthdays and urgent care

Things have been interesting around here, to say the least. We have been working to get our house ready to be put on the market for the last few weeks. Our plan is to list it after Labor Day. That has been going well, it is just a lot of work. We are getting estimates for jobs we’ll never do and scheduling photographers and window washers. Our house was painted and I touched up the landscaping with a few plants here and there. E’s birthday was last Sunday. I had planned simple stuff, like a ball pit and a water table. Easy was the theme. After all, he won’t remember who came or if he had a good time. But the ball pit and water table were huge hits for babies that ranged from barely mobile to fully mobile.


My mom came for E’s birthday. And like all of her visits, it was a combination of frustration and helpfulness. She came a day early, not really. I had mistakenly put down Thursday as her day of arrival. So Wednesday morning we were relaxing. Soaking up that last of our alone time when I got a text telling me to make coffee. I hadn’t mentally prepared yet. Having anyone in your house for six days is a lot, regardless of who they are. E and I have a nice quiet relaxing routine. It is always difficult to add things or other people to established routines.


Shortly after my mom arrived, I started developing these large, red, itchy welts on my legs, from my knee to my ankle. They looked like crazy mosquito bites. I usually have large welts from the bites but they just kept showing up. We live in a very dry climate so I begin to worry if maybe there was a spider in the bed. So I changed all the bedding.  We have been packing up a lot of stuff all over the house so I could have easily upset someone living in my closet. I was taking several Benedryls a day and slathering myself  in cortisone. They itched so bad and looked hideous. They were the size of 50 cent pieces. Changing the bedding did nothing.


We also put in a ridiculous offer on a house with all sorts of contingencies. We knew it would be denied, especially after the comps showed that it was at least twenty grand over priced and so we low balled them. Our agent thinks that it will still be on the market in two weeks when we list our house. So Sunday rolls around. We have been cleaning and cooking and even fit in a visit to my aunt and grandma which ended in me pissing off my aunt so badly she wouldn’t say goodbye to me and E. I dared to include my grandma in a shopping trip that she was excluded from. The shopping trip never happened anyway. My grandma, who is 90, gets around better than my very overweight, sickly aunt. I don’t really get along with my aunt.


Back to Sunday, DH had taken E on a bike ride on Saturday. He started to feel dizzy after he got back and just chalked it up to being dehydrated from the ride. So he wakes up Sunday and feels really dizzy and nauseous. He throws up, then he does it again. He can’t eat the food I made. This guy is never sick. This October we will have been together for 15 years. He’s been sick maybe 10 times, so it freaks me out when he tells me he needs to go to urgent care. There is one a couple of blocks away and he tells me he will just walk. This is at 11am. So of course, I tell him that’s not happening. I’m driving him. E’s party starts at 3. I still haven’t showered or finished the cupcakes. So we get there and wait. By 1:30 we are leaving. He’s been given a zofran and a perscription for something else. I have texted his sister at this point for help.


We go to the store, which is very close. We get the medicine and some ice. We don’t make it out of the parking lot without him throwing up twice. Bye, bye zofran. We get home. He takes more medicine and lies down. His sister shows up and kind of takes over, which was exactly what I needed. I finish filling and frosting the cupcakes and she finishes up getting things ready. Her husband mixes up the hamburger and gets the burgers ready. I get in the shower right when some good friends show up a little early to see if they can help. As I shower and get ready at the speed of light, I am trying to calm down. The PA at the urgent care has no idea what is causing the dizziness but says if it continues to go to the doc. I’m anxious but now have to calm down and enjoy the party. No one is going to want to deal with me being on edge. The party goes off without a hitch. People got E great presents and he had a lot of fun with the other babies. Lots of people came.


My aunt is supposed to come down on Monday to go shopping with my mom. Of course this doesn’t happen. They live 30 minutes away in a suburb and they act like it is another planet. Whatever, like I said, I don’t get along with her. My mom leaves Monday night. Tuesday morning my welts are much smaller and almost gone. DH goes to the doc on Tuesday, only to be told that being dizzy and nauseous are pretty common and that it will probably go away. He gets prednisone because it usually has something to do with swelling in the inner ear or a nerve in the ear.


Now it is Wednesday and it is pretty clear that my welts were hives caused by stress. They are gone. Between my mom, our house, the party and my husband it is no wonder. I’m looking forward to an empty, quiet house.


2 thoughts on “Hives, birthdays and urgent care

  1. Sounds like lots happening. But wow I can’t believe that your baby is already one! Crazy. Happy birthday to E! I had my inlaws at my house for 7.5 weeks. Not the easiest time but I got used to it. I hope your husband is on the mend.


    1. I know, I can barely believe it either.7.5 weeks is a long time! It seems like you handled it well though. Thank you, I think my husband is getting better. I am so happy for you that things are running smoothly with your GC and donor.


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