ugh… can July just be over now?

We have been entertaining the idea of moving. We bought our house 12 years ago and because we were in our early 20s, we didn’t really consider living on a busy street a problem. We loved the house and as anyone who has bought a house or considered buying a house, you know it is a very emotional. Our house is 110 years old and has tons of original features. Over the years, we have replaced the kitchen, finished an addition and replaced a sewer line. We live in a very urban area. We are only a couple of miles from downtown, a half mile from a large park and blocks away from tons of restaurants and bars, as well as a grocery store. This has meant that in all the years we have lived here, I haven’t had a car. In fact, the last car I owned was in high school. This has been pretty great. I can get around by walking or taking the light rail. I am certainly not against getting a car and I know that as E gets bigger, I’ll probably need one.

Selling our house won’t be a problem, the immediacy is great but also terrifying. The market is nuts here. Houses in our area stay on the market for a couple of days to a week and a half. Now, as I mentioned, we are on a busy street in an urban area, a nice urban area but still urban as in homeless people usually panhandle at the intersection across the street. Today there is, most likely, a mentally ill man who has erected a tent across the street, there’s a first time for everything. When he is not in his tent having a kip, he is out on the street yelling at passerbys in cars and on foot.  Did I mention we live in the city?

So I contacted a realtor a few days ago about a valuation for our house. She was a realtor I had contacted in February about a house. She was very honest and upfront about the ‘as is’ house so we thought we’d give her a shot. In 2013, we were actively looking and put in two offers. Our realtor was COMPLETELY useless so we missed out on two pretty perfect places. It is long and drawn out, but the gist is we had the highest offer on both and lost out because our realtor was a moron. So the new realtor has a great strategy and seems to know her stuff. She is coming over tonight.

But here is where it gets complicated. For whatever reason, my husband now wants to consider the suburbs. What we could afford is a 4b 3ba 12,000sq ft lot in the burbs compared to a 3b 1ish ba 4000sq ft lot in the city.

House stuff is currently on hold…..

Man, reality is a bitch. My husband’s grandfather died today. Unexpected, in that he is 90 but wasn’t currently sick with anything, he just didn’t wake up this morning. Now we are to scrambling to get to Austin for the funeral on Tuesday. His poor aunt’s father-in-law just died as well, his funeral is on Wednesday. Then next week is the first anniversary of her husband’s death of prostate cancer last year, an unexpected diagnosis that was already stage IV. July is turning out to be a rough month.


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