Steaks, poop and a lot of dancing

So the other night we had some friends over dinner. They brought a fancy wine so we made a fancy dinner. They came over early so they could hang out with E for a bit. He really likes A, the lady of the couple, but isn’t so sure about the guy. So after he ate, he cuddled up in A’s lap. The bedtime routine got under way, C is a champ at this. He took chubs upstairs for his bath and I entertained our friends. We, by we I mean me, redid or backyard this year. Raised areas with flowers and veg and grass that is supposed to be dog pee proof. I didn’t mind redoing it mostly by myself and I’m quite proud of the result. I took them out to see it and start the grill. I took the steaks out of the fridge on my way. 

So we chat a little, I light the grill, they get into our oversized hammock. I go back in to go check on bath time and do some prep work on dinner. As I step into the kitchen, I see the plate the steaks were on on the floor shattered. Our dog is running out of the kitchen with a very large steak in her mouth. I catch her on the stairs. I grab the steak and take it back into the kitchen. The problem is, there were two very large steaks. I’m frantically cleaning up the broken plate and rinsing the first steak when I hear our dog making a weird noise like she is puking. I rush out to find her behind the dining room table, desperately trying to devour a steak. I get that one back too. Maybe just more tenderized than before. Our friends have been out in the hammock this whole time. Just relaxing and oblivious.

I go upstairs to tell C what has happened. I open the door and he is sat on the toilet with E in a towel, the tub is full of shit. I just started laughing and asked what happened and if he was ok. He’s fine and wasn’t bothered about pooping in the tub.  But now his tub is full of poop. I explain the steak situation and we obviously agree we’ll share the chewed up steak. Our friends were none the wiser. 

On to the dancing. This baby loves to dance, like a lot. When a song comes on that he likes he gives you a big smile and starts dancing, whether he is standing or sitting. Now has added hand movements and throws shapes when he dances. It’s pretty funny.

This has been a colorful few days. C accidently knocked a glass of red wine onto E and himself tonight. E was shocked. He was just enjoying his fruit and cheese plate. While cleaning him up, I laughed so hard I cried (that doesn’t make me terrible, does it?) We were at a book launch for a friend. Of course. No one seemed to notice. C was so embarrassed. 

I have a friend who has her second DE transfer in a week. I’m checking in but trying not to be a pain. The first transfer she had a miscarriage early, a positive first beta with a great number only for it to drastically decline by the second. She switched to my doc who was willing to consider and insisted that her autoimmune disorder was addressed. Her first doc wouldn’t even consider it played a role in the miscarriage. Even though her autoimmune disease, Hashimota syndrome, is known for making it difficult to get pregnant and stay that way. I really hope that this time, since that has been addressed, that she will get her BFP and start that way. Cross your fingers for her.


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