It has been a big week. And seriously, I mean it has only been a week. Last Wednesday, Elliott’s two front teeth started breaking through, bringing his grand total to four. They were coming in quicker than the bottom two and they are enormous. I thought, cute, I’ll have to get bunny ears for Easter and take funny pictures. Then Thursday, I got sick. Sore throat, runny nose and a low grade fever. I was feeling better-ish by Sunday, so obviously that is when E started his run with my cold. Poor little guy is congested, then on to of that he is drooling because of his teeth. Then today my husband got my cold. E was doing better but then started fussing mid day. My husband just got home early because he is feeling lousy. I have E in his pack and play with his diaper off because he has a bit of diaper rash, nothing new. It happens with new teeth. So my husband comes in and comes over to talk to Elliott and says, “you know he is getting another tooth, right?”


Yes, another top tooth. What is going on!? 5 teeth total! 6 soon enough.

He started the morning off with poo-pocolypse 2016. Like everywhere. I put him in the bath sans diaper but still in his pjs. IT WAS EVERYWHERE!

It is only Tuesday.

And now I have to go. He shit in the pack and play. How does he have more in there?


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