Swimming, babies, sleeping, and eating

Elliott started his swimming class last week. And he loves it. At the suggestion of another mom, we started practicing for “big” water a few months ago. We have a large claw foot tub so I would fill it up and we’d get in so Elliott could float. At first, it was a little concerning but he relaxed and grew to love it. So once we got to the pool, all he wanted to do was float. He loves it. The classes are twice a week for a month at our neighborhood rec center. He even got dunked a few times. He was a little surprised but was OK with it. There were a lot of things I missed out on as a kid. When I try to take up new activities now as an adult, I am always afraid I’ll hurt myself badly so I don’t enjoy the activity as much because of the worry. I want Elliott to try lots of things when he is little and fearless.

I did cheat to get him into class. Babies are supposed to be six months for classes, E won’t be six months till the 21st. I did talk to his pediatrician about it and he saw no issues with swimming before that age, especially if the baby likes water. It also helps he is so large, no one questions his age. In fact, he is larger than the 9 month old in the class.

Elliott met his first baby the other day. We have friends who have a 3 month old little girl. We visited them. We put them next to each other on a Lamby. They were kicking and wiggling away, then Elliott saw baby A and just went completely still. He just watched her. We took some cute pictures but of course no one had their phones when Elliott reached out and took A’s hand. We talked about how funny it is that the 3 month difference seems so huge right now but soon it won’t matter at all. I have met some other moms since E’s arrival, which is really great, but these friends were friends long before babies.

I started giving Elliott solid food about the middle of January. His doctor said we would know when he wanted food because he would stare at us eating. That definitely happened. The doc said we could give him anything as long as it was pureed enough. So far he is on one small solid meal a day. He gets three teaspoons of food mixed with two teaspoons of milk. He loves it. I breastfeed him afterwards. So far he has had carrots, peas, kale, apples, sweet potatoes and butternut squash.

We are going to start sleep training tonight. We are moving Elliott’s crib been into his room. We are going to try the happy sleeper method. We’ll see. Elliott only gets up once to eat but this last week, he has been getting up around 10:30. We aren’t feeding him but he has had to be rocked back to sleep, which isn’t great. I think he is getting more teeth but DH is skeptical. E has been sucking on his gums a lot recently. I noticed about two weeks before the first ones came in that something was up. I think they will be making their appearance soon. I think the sleep training will be tough. No one is going to like it. Hopefully it is only a few nights.


2 thoughts on “Swimming, babies, sleeping, and eating

  1. Wow I do relate to the fear thing and wanting my little guy to be fearless and try new things as much as possible. I swam a lot as a wee one but my DH dud not – so Smoochie is gonna go swimming. I also plan on taking him kayaking (there’s an inlet near our house, only 1-9 feet, no currents) even as an infant, camping, cycling and if we have the extra $ for a vacation. None of which I did until I was much, much older.

    I really hope the sleep training hoes well – it seems like you once get a little comfortable with BFing, sleeping becomes the next hurdle for new parents. Here’s to easy, restful nights!

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