It’s not all rainbows

So my last post was all about Elliott and how much I love him. I totally understand that can get old, so let’s talk about some of the not so great stuff.

How about we start with hemorrhoids. First off, they suck. I was pretty lucky and only has them once or twice when I was pregnant. Good thing because reaching your bum gets difficult. After two hours of pushing, though, you better believe there were some issues. Things cleared up quickly or so I thought. I had been keeping up with the stool softeners after birth for a couple of weeks. By four weeks post partum, I felt pretty good. Unfortunately, I was not really ready to stop the softeners. I found out real quick. The piles were back and in full force. It kind of freaked me out. I wondered if something was wrong. Had I torn something that had been missed. Not pooping right is kind of scary. Anyway, I started the ss again and things got back on track.

That is probably enough about pooping. Let’s move on. I was incredibly lucky and only end up with a couple tiny stretch marks. Until my milk came in. My boobs had not gotten super huge, in fact, they just got a little fuller during pregnancy. After Elliott showed up, they thought “oh crap, we better grow” and did so very quickly. So now I have tiger stripes on the underside of my boobs. No big deal. I was expecting stretch marks, just somewhere else.

Then there is my hair. I have a lot of it and like most women, it stopped really falling out during pregnancy. At about 3 months pp, it started falling out. I was expecting this but now it is sort like we are living with a golden retriever that is molting. I have pretty short hair so brushing doesn’t really work. Also I have noticed that my hair gets greasy easily. I have resorted to washing it every day but still some days by the evening, it looks like I haven’t washed it in a week.

Sleep, oh beautiful sleep. I found that the transition from feeding every two to every three was magical. It was early on when that happened. We have been lucky. Big babies sleep longer because of their big bellies. Elliott started sleeping 4-5 hour stretches early on and has been bumping it up to 5-7 now days. But every month he will have a night where he is up every three hours. It suuuucks. It reminds me to be grateful for good sleep and makes me very sympathetic to those still struggling every night. It also reminds me that every day is it’s own animal. Days may be similar but holding to tightly to any routine at this point seems like an act of futility.

Mobile babies are fun but a whole new set of issues. Elliott started rolling over right before he turned 4 months. On new year’s day he rolled from his back to belly. He prefers doing this and rolls around all the time now. He moves quite a lot rolling side to side and all the way over. All of this rolling has accelerated his sleep training. We have been swaddling him at night and now we have to get rid of that. This leads to Elliott hitting himself in the face a couple of times a night, which leads to a baby waking up. 😦 We have been working through it but it is going to take time. Ooh and guess what? Tired babies don’t like to sleep. Ridiculous? Yeah, I know.

Let’s move on to breastfeeding. We have been lucky. This baby likes to eat. Recently, we met up with friends who had a four week old. They were having bf trouble. It reminded me of E’s first weeks. He lost weight like all babies but it was so stressful. It was really upsetting. We offered encouragement and some of my stash of milk. I hope they felt a little better. Their little boy was small to start, so they were very stressed. Luckily, they are all doing well. Baby is bulking up and happy. I found that the beginning of bf was stressful. So much is riding on bf and through no fault of your own, it may not work.

One of the biggest things I have learned is don’t get comfortable. These babies change a lot and quickly. Elliott has grown 6 inches in 4 months. That is a huge change, physically. So obviously, his mental development is also accelerated, as it is for all babies. Next comes teeth and sitting up. Didn’t I just have you!?


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