Are you feeding him anything else?

This was the question Elliott’s doctor asked when he first came into the room for E’s four month checkup. The nurse had weighed him and measured him and had obviously shared this information with the doctor. Our doctor wasn’t accusatory or rude when he asked the question, just inquisitive and maybe a little concerned. If you remember, I had called the doctor awhile ago, asking if Elliott’s one pound a week weight gain was anything to worry about. They told me no big deal and really it still isn’t a big deal but he is now weighing in at 18lbs 3oz, which is the 94th percentile but he is also long (or tall? he can kind of stand up). At 25.75 inches he is in the 80th percentile.

He is a beast. We have no idea how big he is. He is the only baby we know at this age and also numero uno for us. We know he is heavy and wears 6-9 month(😳) clothing. And the thighs, Jesus, the thighs. A friend had given me some very cute hand me downs. One in particular was so cute I had to put it on immediately. Well, it had little legs attached that snapped down the thigh. Not a chance, we are talking like a good inch or two from snapping, so I cut the bottom off. Now it is just a long t-shirt. All we knew before the appointment was that he was quite a sack of potatoes to carry around, turns out he is close to two sacks of potatoes.

His appointment went well. His doctor is very friendly and he didn’t make me feel bad about our fat baby because he isn’t over eating. I guess they puke after every meal if they eat too much. Elliott keeps his food down, with the occasional burp lougie of milk and is down to only six feedings a day.  He is just a big guy. DH has a few six footers on his side of the family and the donor has two brothers and a father who are six plus feet. I forget he has missed out on my very short genes.

That brings me to another thing, the donor. I had thought I’d remembered she had very tall brothers but wasn’t sure. We, of course, kept her donor file. It has taken me a few days to get plucky enough to look at it. The first part of the file is childhood pictures of our donor. Some part of me dreaded seeing those photos and seeing Elliott in her. He very much looks like my husband but I also know that he probably looks like her too. While I will never regret my decision, he is a sweet beautiful boy I adore, it is a little sad that I am missing the full genetic link. I had mentioned this before in other posts. It is a small bit of sadness, trumped by the ball, albeit a large ball apparently, of happiness that is my son.

In other news, I used a neighborhood site to start a Facebook group for other moms in my area. We met up Saturday for the first time. It was really nice. The group includes first time moms and some who have two. The age range was four weeks to three years old. I think it will be really nice. Everyone was very friendly. I am looking forward to doing more with them.

Elliott rolled over on Thursday! It was very exciting but of course he hasn’t done it again. We have been practicing but no dice. Daddy hasn’t seen it yet. We are planning on starting sleep training soon. We still have to figure out our plan of action. He usually fall asleep by himself for nap time so hopefully this will translate into night time sleeping. But really, I know it is going to suck for a little while but hopefully he will get it sooner than later. He is already a really good sleeper at night, if you let him fall asleep on you….


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