Don’t get sick….ever

So my husband gave me an ultimatum of sorts, well not really. See, I was sick this past weekend. From Friday to Tuesday to be exact. I had some sort of stomach bug. And man, did it suck. I have no idea what happened or what I ate but it was awful. My husband came home early on Monday because I was in such rough shape. Tuesday, I asked him to make his own dinner. I know what you are thinking, “Whoa, is this the 1950s?” But I really love cooking. It is something I rarely let my husband do because, frankly, I am better at it. Like way better at it. He is an excellent bread maker but a little clueless when it comes to improvising with spices. Also, I change recipes that I make a lot but don’t write it down. Anyway, I was really sick and he had to make himself dinner. This was very concerning to him. Tuesday night he kept telling me he was going to take me to urgent care.

Both Monday and Tuesday, I went to bed as soon as he got home. I was exhausted. He woke me up to feed Elliott but other than that I was out for the count. Elliott was perfect both days, thank god. I don’t know if he knew I was sick or what but he was excellent. No crying or meltdowns. My dog, Frances, on the other hand, was a dick. Getting into stuff and causing trouble. General bad dog stuff.

By Wednesday afternoon, I was pretty sure I was almost back to normal. That is when my husband made his demand. He told me I am not allowed to get sick again. Ever. I told him I would take that under advisement. He doesn’t handle stress well. It totally freaks him out. He gets this trait from his mother. It inducing a kind of panic. Elliott’s fussy time is in the evening. I am not sure how fussy Elliott was because I was in bed but I am sure my husband’s expectations of fuss only added to his stress. He is wonderful with Elliott but I, unfortunately, don’t think he is as comfortable with him as I am. It makes sense because I am with him all the time. I am more used to dealing with a baby. During the week, I spend 3x as much time with Elliott as my husband. Poor guys. I try to let my husband get Elliott out of bed in the morning before he goes to work. When Elliott wakes up, he smiles like a maniac and laughs and coos. It is pretty adorable. He also likes to be rubbed, it makes him stretch like crazy. It is a really nice interaction to have with Elliott.

Despite not spending most of my day on the toilet, I am still sort of run down from being sick. This means I have spent most of my day cuddling on the couch with a sleeping baby. You can’t really beat baby cuddles, especially if you have a very cuddly baby.

I am including picture evidence of my bad dog, even though this was taken today. I failed to get a picture of her eating a bag of tapioca flour when I was sick. Jerk. At least someone likes the pacifiers.


One thought on “Don’t get sick….ever

  1. Omg, I needed that chuckle of your dog with a pacifier. Mine are jerks, too. I love the little jerks ☺️

    Glad you’re feeling better. I had a gross stomach bug last week. It sucked. Like yours, it lasted longer than 24 hours.

    My DH gets stressed out when I get sick too. He doesn’t mean too, but things get off the rails quickly if I’m down for the count and I’ll give him credit, he keeps things tidy etc but he starts getting burnt out and frazzled by not having a fully functioning partner. I also like yo joke that he needs me to boss him around πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ™„

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