Unexpected surprises

So, I  have a baby now. Elliott James joined us August 21st at 5:13pm, a full two weeks before he was supposed to. Right now it is 3am and a I have a happy, full baby sleeping on my chest. I still can’t believe this little guy was in my belly.

So birth stories…
My water broke Thursday morning at 5:30am. I called my doc because I want sure what was going on, other than I was leaking fluid. She told me to wait it out and call back if I filled a pad in an hour. That didn’t happen so my husband went to work an hour late. Then at 9:30, I  went to the bathroom and  wiped blood. Sorry for TMI but it is a birth story. I called the doc again. It was my OB’s day off, so the other doc told me to go get checked at the hospital.

So I  called my husband and he came home. I quickly packed  a bag because of course I hadn’t done that, I had two weeks left. My poor dog  was freaked out and so was my husband. We got to the hospital and  the midwife checked me out. The test came back as positive for my water breaking. I wasn’t  going home.

I was admitted. No contractions, just leaking fluid. At 2pm, we tried miso to try and  get things rolling. I was only 1cm dilated. We waited the for hours only for nothing to change. At this point,  it had been 12 hours. No more miso, on to the pitocin. By 7pm, contractions had started. By midnight I was exhausted. I was checked and  had only progressed to 2cm. Boo. We had been discussing epidurals because I  had been in labor and  up so long.

After that depressing change in my cervix, I got an epidural at 1am. Then I got to sleep. Oh my god,  was that the best sleep ever. My blood pressure dropped at about 2am to 70/50. Elliott was fine but I  was feeling dizzy. I got a tiny bit of drugs for it and  it stabilized.
At 3am, the pitocin was stopped. Apparently, it makes contractions longer than normal and Elliott didn’t like it. He wasn’t too stressed but a bit. By 9am, I had progressed to 7cm. But then of course, I  stalled out  again. The pitocin was started back up. My nurse had to deliver someone else’s baby and my temporary one was useless. All the others had been fantastic. This one was forgetful and couldn’t figure out my chart. The pitocin was supposed to be increased every 20 minutes. She forgot for an hour and a half. The resident came in and said she’d be keeping an eye on it now.

By 3pm, I was pushing. My husband was a champ. Because of the epidural, I  had to labor on my back. He held one foot and my nurse, the other. My epidural ran out just at the end of my two hours of pushing. Perfect timing. My legs had feeling by the end.

We did delayed cord clamping so Elliott was put in my stomach. Apparently, his cord was a bit short so that was as far as he could go. Husband cut the cord and  Elliott was put on my chest. He weighed 7lbs 2oz and was 19.5 inches.

So after 36 hours, I had my baby boy. My husband said the whole  thing was indescribable. He just couldn’t believe Elliott just kept coming out of me. My OB was there for about 20 minutes. She showed the resident who had been helping me how to deliver a baby. I was happy the resident stayed past  her shift to help. She was really nice and had been my doc during both days.

We stayed in the hospital for two nights. I was happy to go home but had some lovely nurses in the mother baby unit. They did forget my rhogam shot. I am A neg and  Elliott is A pos so I needed it. Everyone was freaked out. The hospital called a million times. I went to my OB and  got it sorted.

So that is that. We have been out and  about. We had to go to target as soon we got home because we still had a few things to get, like a diaper pail.

Our dog, Frances, is in love. I am the only one who she feels is allowed to hold Elliott. Everyone else gets the once over and then Frances lays very near to keep an eye on them. She likes to sniff him and give him little kisses. He doesn’t care at all that an 85lbs mastiff is up in his business.

After all of this, I would say don’t be too hard on yourself. Do whatever you need to do to get through labor. It all  seems trivial once  you have a baby placed on your chest. Healthy babies and mommies are the most important thing.

So, without further ado, here is Elliott James.





4 thoughts on “Unexpected surprises

  1. Congratulations, he’s perfect! I had a similar feeling of wonder soon after i gave birth to A; he was laying on my chest and I couldn’t believe this bring had been inside me. I love big dogs and little babies, it’s the best.

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