T Minus 32 days…….

Well, that is if this baby cooperates and when does that ever happen? I think you have a ridiculous chance of delivering on your due date, like 5-10% or something like that. I have a strange feeling it will be the 8th for some reason, again wishful thinking. Three days after my due date most likely won’t happen. I imagine this kid is pretty happy on the inside and will abide by the eviction notice as late as possible. I had an u/s last Friday. He is still head down. Weighing in at over 5.5lbs. The doc asked if I was experiencing any sharp pain in my whooha. I said as a matter of fact, I am and was going to ask about that at the appointment. He said he would have been surprised if I had said no because this baby’s head is literally on the other side of my cervix. Like right there. The doc tried to get  a good picture but this baby has his face totally smashed into the placenta. There were a couple of times the doc said to strike the image on the screen from our memories because it was a little terrifying looking. A baby with a smashed nose looking at us, slowly opening and closing his mouth. We thought that was pretty funny.

My mom was down for my shower so she got to see her grandson for the first time. She was very excited. The shower went really well. My SIL and MIL did a fantastic job. My sister failed at her only job, making a playlist for the party.  No surprise there. I figured this would happen so I already had a back up ready. The shower went really well. My husband was worried that I would only get clothes because I had put a lot on the registry. That didn’t happen at all. Only my mom got clothes. She wanted to wait and buy whatever we didn’t get but she can’t help herself. I had several text messages yesterday of outfits she was planning on purchasing.

Over the years, I have tried to explain to my MIL and SIL issues of reliability I have with my sister. They always listened but didn’t fully understand until planning my shower. Naturally, as my only relative that lives in town, she was included in all of the planning. I told them to have low expectations. Apparently, they weren’t low enough. By the shower, neither of them wanted to talk to her at all. She puts on a very convincing front so they were truly shocked by her behavior. Oh well, they did a wonderful job.

I have been incredibly busy getting an art show ready for late August. And if I am not doing that, I am probably sleeping. I have been SO tired and the heat just drains all of my energy. I am almost done with my show, which is great. Just one last push. I am sure someone will be telling me that in a different context very soon as scream cuss words at them.

Unfortunately, my husband’s uncle passed away at the begining of last week. He had prostate cancer so it was expected, but still very heartbreaking. The diagnosis last year was very unexpected. He has three daughters and a son. His youngest daughter is still in college. He was cremated and a memorial was planned. My husband won’t be able to attend the memorial. It is August 29th, a week from my due date. This would leave me in town with only an unreliable sister with no car if something happened. It would only be a two hour plane ride for my husband to return but he is my support person, like absolutely. I have to have him to make it through this. It sounds dumb but I know if he is there this will be easier. I would still get through it of course but with him, my stress level will be lower and I will know I have someone I can absolutely depend on. I feel awful that he will miss the memorial but also know that his family isn’t going to be upset.


8 thoughts on “T Minus 32 days…….

  1. Oh I’m so sorry for your hubby’s loss and missing out of the memorial. But him staying home will give both of you peace of mind. I was cracking up about the ultrasound! I was wondering about those pains too, guess my boy’s head is right there also! Maybe that’ll make labor easier? Lol. I’m glad your baby shower was so nice. You so deserve that!


    1. Thank you. I agree. The u/s was pretty funny. This little boy has been head down since 28 weeks. As he gets bigger, there is more uncomfortable poking. I am also trying to convince myself labor will be easier because he is ready to go but I know I am just kidding myself 😉

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  2. I had to chuckle about the anecdote about your sister. She sounds like my sister and when I’d say: have low expectations I could see people thinking:that’s not fair. Then, later they’d tell me how irritating she was. Lol.

    I’m glad baby’s in a good, though not framable spot for birth, that’s great! And I definitely see the wisdom of your Dh being near at hand, this is when he’s needed most.

    Is this art show a collection of your work or are you doing all the planning for others?


      1. Oh my god! That is classic, sounds like something my sister would do, too. And let me guess, she’s clueless about why people seem to be irritated with her all the time, right? Ha!

        I hope you post some pix of your art work after the show, I’d live to see it ☺️


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