28 weeks and some change

My poor husband told me last night before bed that he wants this whole thing to be over. He is too stressed about it. I feel awful for him. He is a worrier and I know there isn’t much I can say or do to change that. It is sweet that he is so worried about me and baby but I try to reassure him that everything is ok. This little boy is growing how he should and is kicking me all the time. My blood pressure is great, my weight gain is right on track and I haven’t had any out of control swelling or any other complications. The placenta still has to move 3cm to clear my cervix but even if I had to have a c-section, everything would be fine. I am doing very well with this pregnancy. I got over most of my worry sometime around 17 weeks when I started feeling the baby moving. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get to feel all the reassuring rolls, elbows and kicks throughout the day. I have an appointment next week to check growth and my placenta. I will almost be 30 weeks. I am really hoping that hitting the 30 week mark will help him relax a bit. Hopefully it is all good news next week. That would also help. And there is no reason to think it won’t be good news. Even if the placenta didn’t move at all, I am sure the baby will measure right on schedule, like always.

I talked to my OB about preferring a vaginal birth. She said she would give me until 34 weeks. She would also prefer to be able to skip the c-section. She talked about preterm birth and all that fun stuff last week. It freaked me out a bit but my husband found it reassuring. He said that my OB talking about it and what we would do made him believe that there were very viable options if something happened at this point. But because he is a worrier, his confidence about the situation never lasts long. He thinks my belly should be bigger. I told him it is getting bigger. Laying on my back has become uncomfort this past week because this baby is getting heavier. I am also getting poked in the ribs and my ribs are sore from moving out of the way. Very little I tell him can prevent the worry.

My mom came down a couple of weeks ago. She drove herself! I know this sounds really stupid but she has not made the 4 hour drive from her town to my city by herself, ever. I have lived in the city for over a decade. It was a really big deal. I was very proud of her. This little boy gave her the courage. She stayed a week and was a huge help in getting the nursery ready. We painted it grey and green. She did most of the painting. It looks great. My sister was her usual disappointing self. She literally lives 4 blocks from my house. But could only make time for my mom 3 times during the week to see her. My mom got here Monday and left Sunday. I understand my sister works during the week but she did have all day Saturday to come over and see my mom. She was far to busy with her new boyfriend. They had big plans, like baking a cake, I am completely serious about that. That was actually something she did. She also had a conversation with my mom the Saturday before she came about how badly she wanted to see my mom and wished she was down here. She is the most selfish person I have ever met.

Things are going well with the pregnancy. No real issues. My hips are getting sore at night. Sleeping in really isn’t an option. They just get too achey and I have to get up. I am getting a lot of leg cramps. I need to start eating more bananas. My heartburn is starting to get more frequent. It makes sense since this little guy is getting bigger. At my 26 week scan, he was already 2.2lbs. By now he should be closing in on 3lbs. He could be past that already. Next Thursday we will know for sure and hopefully have some great pictures. I booked our appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor who did our anatomy scan. Hopefully he will want to play around with the 3D function again. He was very nice and spent a lot of time with us. It was pretty great.


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