Dog tackles and baby kicks

* post deals with pregnancy

Not much has been going on in my life. Everything seems to be on an even keel, which is nice. My garden is planted, the rain is finally stopping and this baby boy kicks me all the time. Last night, like every night, right before bed, this kid wakes up. I told my husband so he put his hand on my belly. He started to push back when the baby kicked and the baby would respond. He commented on how hard he kicks now. As I get further along, sometimes I almost forget how hard it was to get here. Saturday I will be 26 weeks. Passing the 24 week viability milestone was a relief. While I want this baby to stay put for a few more months, it was still reassuring.

My SIL and MIL are already starting the planning of my baby shower. It isn’t until August 1st. My SIL husband’s mother is also helping, I know that connection sounds complicated. My BIL comes from a big family that gets together a lot but almost all of them are in California. My MIL family is also large and gets together all the time but in Texas. So we have two displaced families who are used to large family gatherings that have come together to form one big family here. Everyone gets along well and it is really nice to have so many people around for holidays and birthdays. I come from a large family but we never did anything together. I am really grateful for this new style family that lives so close and that I see so often. Pregnancy has made me quite sentimental and soppy.

So as my title indicated, my jerk dog, a 90lbs mastiff, tackled me the other day. I was crouched on the sidewalk calling her, so maybe I asked for it, when she took a flying leap off a hill into the side of me. Of course I fell over. Luckily I was already low so I didn’t have far to fall and she really just clipped my side. But man, my ribs hurt anyway. Total jerk. I ended up having to sleep on the couch because my back hurt and our bed was too soft. Of course, because she is a dog, she had no idea. As I was picking myself up off the ground, she was licking me and wagging her stupid tail.

Being a jerk dog, I have to occasionally shout at her for various infractions. Yesterday when I was reprimanding her, I think I scared the baby. I shouted her name for some reason and all the sudden I got a couple quick kicks. I also noticed a lot of squirming and kicking while I was singing in the shower. I haven’t used my Doppler in ages. The kicking and squirming have taken the place of hearing the heartbeat. He is awake in the morning, before and after lunch, after dinner and before bedtime.

I still have times when I find it hard to believe that in a few short months, I will have a baby. Sometimes it makes me unbelievably happy and other times I am completely terrified.


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