The Great Sausage Heist of 2015

*post deals with pregnancy

So I have noticed lately that I find myself fixated ridiculous little annoyances. Like laying awake at night thinking about these transgressions like they were life altering events. It is getting ridiculous. Like yesterday, I was at a good friend’s birthday bbq. Of course right after I put our sausages on the grill, they are my job to watch because my husband is looking after our dog, my husband decides to make the 3 block walk to go to the bathroom. Leaving me with the sausages cooking on the communal grill and our 90lb dog. Panic sets in immediately. I am staring at the grill, concerned any time someone opens it. My dog is just laying in the shade, minding her own business. I am also constantly checking for my husband. My cooking sausages, sleeping dog and missing husband are stressing me out. Silly, I know.

I intentionally bought an extra sausage in case one got eaten or whatever. It is a bbq with tons of people. That happens. Well it happened. Some girl I didn’t know ate our extra sausage. Regular me would have been happy I bought an extra and left it at that. Pregnant me is not so reasonable. I felt like it was a personal affront. How dare she eat my surplus sausage! Luckily I still have the capacity to understand that this train of thought was crazy and sharing it with others would just make me into a crazy pregnant lady. I did share it with my husband who shared my mock disgust. He is pretty good at humoring me these days. Still I couldnt shake being annoyed at this girl, like all day. It was crazy. And this is not the first time something like this has happened. It is a new level of nuts I have recently reached.

We had our anatomy scan on Friday. It was really cool. It took an hour and a half! We weren’t expecting that. But the doctor was really excited about the 3D capabilities of his machine so once he finished all of his measurements, he started showing us all sorts of cool stuff in 3D. We saw the baby’s spine and rib cage, the heart and the brain all in 3D. And of course he did lots of pictures of the face. The baby was sleeping the entire time and was sucking his thumb. Very cute. There were some very happy grandmothers. They loved the pictures.

This little guy is moving around all the time now. In the last couple of days, I am pretty sure I have felt some kicks on the outside. It is hard to be sure because I can feel them internally so I don’t know if my mind is tricking me into thinking I feel them on the outside. I am pretty sure there have been maybe three that were definitely outside kicks. I thought by 19 weeks, I would have a definite belly but I am still in the in between stage were I just look pudgy. It is, however, very firm pudge. I have had to modify some stretches and yoga poses because this pudge won’t budge. It just gets in the way. My pregnancy app tells me my uterus extends all the way to my belly button now. It is so crazy this is almost half way over.


6 thoughts on “The Great Sausage Heist of 2015

  1. I laughed out loud at the line “surplus sausage” — but I totally understand! I would’ve been just as upset. So glad to hear your anatomy scan went well. I’m going in next week for mine and hoping that everyone is healthy!


  2. I’m glad that your scan went well; it’s so nice to see the baby and also get that clean bill of health. Kicks are fun, aren’t they, but I have the same problem being able to tell if they’re on the outside or inside. My husband has been able to feel them a few times, but he often gets impatient waiting for the kicks.


    1. They are fun. My husband also gets impatient. He felt kicks the other night for the first time. Sat there completely silent for a few minutes and then said, “Yeah, I felt three in a row.” I was worried he hadn’t felt anything.


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