18 week-ish update AKA I WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING

Tomorrow is actually 18 weeks but what’s one day? So the pregnancy tracking app I have on my phone has been warning me for weeks about and increased appetite. I haven’t paid much attention because my eating has been pretty normal. I am sort of over my aversion to dinner time meals and still doing most of my eating during the day but I haven’t upped my intake by much and have been feeling satisfied. Well that all changed at about 3am this morning. I have been waking up intermittently in the middle of the night because I am hungry. Usually I eat my night banana and sleep soundly afterwards.

Well that didn’t happen this morning. I woke up again at 5am, desperately hungry. So I had a bowl of cereal. I only got to sleep til about 7:30 because my dog is a jerk. I figured it would be a couple of hours before I needed to eat again. Well that was not the case. My stomach started grumbling again. Post pregnancy, I could ignore those grumbles for a bit and be just fine but not now. If I ignore those grumbles at all I end up getting queasy and that just sucks. So on to bowl of cereal number two. I needed something quick. So I finished my reasonable portion of cereal and drank the milk, yes I am one of those people, thinking that I would finally be done. Nope. Thirty minutes later I am eating a pot of yogurt with technically my third helping of cereal for the day, are Grape Nuts a cereal or a yogurt topping?

Now, even as I type, all I want are some soft boiled eggs. I am still starving. Maybe protein will do the trick? It has taken awhile for that stupid app to be right and man is it ever. I have been careful, and now I am so glad I was, to keep chips and cookies out of the house. I have a hard time with that stuff regularly but now ravenous, feed me now, pregnant lady would devour them before realizing what I had done. This hunger is no joke.

As for everything else, things are going well. I am still super congested and getting bloody noses. Oh well, I don’t think that is changing anytime soon. Allergy season will just make it worse. I think I over did it on Tuesday. I did some weeding, then went to dinner and a concert. It think it was just too much stuff without any time to relax. Wednesday I felt like I was coming down with something but thankfully this morning I feel better. Of course I didn’t get a flu shot. I normally don’t because I am not at risk so this season, I totally forgot until I was already pregnant. Then I worried about getting one. Now I don’t know if it is too late or what. I have my anatomy scan next Friday so I will ask then. I am up ~7.5lbs. I didn’t gain between my last appointments and it kind of worried me. The doc wasn’t worried. According to the gym scale I am up and couldn’t be happier. I am pretty sure I can feel the baby kicking. I have been getting the same weird sensation for about the last week. Sort of like gas but in the wrong place or that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach on a roller coaster. Strange to say the least.


3 thoughts on “18 week-ish update AKA I WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING

  1. I was advised that it was okay to get a flu shot while pregnant. I did so and it was fine. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best!


  2. Sounds like your feeling baby to me! I feel you on the hunger in the middle of the night. I hate how hungry I am when I wake up at night and there’s nothing readily available to snack on. I’ve only gained 7lbs in 17weeks and my doc doesn’t seem concerned either. If it’s baby your feeling it will happen more and more now.


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