3 pancakes and counting…

So I have really had a thing for carbs lately. Who am I kidding, it has been at least 7 weeks. All I want to eat is carbs. Mostly in pancake and cereal form. My husband is not impressed. Like today, for example, I have eaten pancakes twice, once for breakfast-ish and once for lunch-ish. They are just really hitting the spot. I have also been a little lax with myself because I went a month without gaining any weight. My OB didn’t care. She said I would have time to catch up. My husband was shocked. He said, “but this is the fattest you have ever been!” Thank, babe. What every girl wants to hear. So here we are and I am eating pancakes with abandon.

We just got back from visiting my husband’s grandparents and family and I am exhausted. I was able to take a nap here or there but it was a lot of family time and a lot of driving. Let me tell you, this kid does not like riding in the car. We had an emergency, pull over now kind of moment on the way to lunch one day. Then coming back from dinner was almost another crisis. Thank god for Dramamine. My nurse ok’d it, thank god. We had to drive the next day, a round trip of 3 1/2 hours to see my husband’s brother. The Dramamine made me drowsy but other than that I was fine.

We flew back yesterday and before we left got brunch with family. It was a very good Mexican place but by the drive home, I knew I was in trouble. The belly gurgles were not painting a pretty picture for me. Luckily my belly took care of things in short order and I was free of the gurgles about an hour later. The last thing I wanted was to be sick the whole plane ride home. It was only a two hour flight but still, it would have been awful. The rejection of my delicious Mexican meal yesterday only made my multiple meal pancakes seem more like an excellent idea today. I need to replace that meal in a sense or whatever justification I need to think up.

I was 17 weeks on Saturday and definitely in the realm of “is she pregnant or just pudgy” so no one wants to feel my belly or asks me strange questions or offers unwanted advice. My in-laws we visited said they would have had no idea I was pregnant. The uncle, who is a doctor, predicted that I will “pop” this next month. A very technical term I am sure. Everyone was very nice, like always, we were just super busy. We didn’t discuss any of the DE or IVF stuff. The very old and infirmed grandparents are Irish Catholic and big fans of the pope so we thought it was best to leave that part out.

So I think I can feel this little guy (oh yeah, we found out it was a boy) moving around. I have definitely been having some strange sensations in my abdomen. All the books describe it as a quickening. Whatever the hell that means. All I can think of is the Highlander movie. The quickening is when you cut off someone’s head and lightening shoots into you. Nothing that dramatic has happened. Mostly just a strange feeling sort of like gas but in the wrong spot and without the discomfort of gas. I love having my doppler. It is so reassuring to hear that little heartbeat pounding away. My anatomy scan is in a little over a week. We decided to go to the same high tech place we did the NT scan. Our doc reccomened it. And man, they get way better pictures than my OB. I don’t know what we are going to do with all of these ultrasound pictures. I guess I should start the baby book with them.


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