All I want to do is dig in the dirt….

but this is off limits. I love gardening. As the weather gets warmer, all I want to do is start planting. I am proud of my vegetable and flower gardens. I have worked and do work really hard to maintain them and love planting new things. We rented our house out for five years while we were away. We have now been back for five. Our front flower garden was a mess when we returned. Just wood chips. All the plants I had planted had long ago died. There were two plants that came back to life when we moved back. Russian sage and a trumpet vine.

Now I would like to think that me coming home brought them back to life but I am sure that is was down to me regularly watering new plants that I had planted. I now have Iris, tulips, lilies, hyacinth, lavender and many more beautiful flowers growing but I can’t help myself, so every year something else gets added. Not this year. This year I am going to have to take a backseat to both my flower garden and my veggie garden. This makes me sad. Gardening is such a zen activity for me. I love it. I grow mostly tomatoes, a lot of tomatoes. I love crawling through the beds cleaning up the plants, making sure they are healthy and of course, picking tomatoes. Toxoplasmosis will be preventing this year’s gardening. While the chances are slim that I would get this parasite, the damage to the baby would be catastrophic. I also had my RE test me for the parasite because once exposed, there is no danger. I figured with the years I have spent digging in the dirt, I would have been exposed. Nope. So no gardening for me. My husband has kindly said he will be my hands this year, so I can vicariously garden through him.

I bought a cheapo Doppler about a month ago. It was only $30 and I figured it would work at some point. That some point was last week. It was crazy. I only have a small belly so sometimes I forget there is someone in there. Hearing the heartbeat at home was pretty amazing. Right on target at ~156 bpm. I can also find it pretty consistently. This kid like hanging out on the left. I let my MIL listen to it the other night. She looked like she was going to cry. She also could have sat there for a very long time, listening. My husband didn’t seem as excited about it as I thought he would be but I know he is just trying to contain his excitement. We have a check up at the end of this week and he has said several times that the doctor better do a scan because he wants to have a look at this kid. I told him I wasn’t sure if she would and that he could always ask. His response was, “Well, she better.”

We bought a bassinet last night. This is the first official baby item. I have bought yarn and fabric for blankets and quilts but this is the first sort of official item. It was very strange. This whole process has just taken so long, with heartache and trouble along the way, it is hard to believe it is finally happening. I could feel the baby move as early as next week. I have had some little flutters over the last week but this would more than flutters. My MIL and SIL offered to host my baby shower last night as well. That would only be a few months away. It just seems surreal.


7 thoughts on “All I want to do is dig in the dirt….

  1. I did a little gardening this weekend. Not really dirt digging, but rose cutting. I’ve been dealing with cats my entire life so the likelihood that I’ve been exposed to the parasite is high, but I haven’t had myself tested. I should probably mention it to my OB at my next appointment, because I do plan on doing some gardening, although with my growing size I had already planned on having Chief do most of the digging 🙂


    1. Yeah, figure it will get uncomfortable quickly. A belly in the way plus the heat seem like trouble. I did some light clean up of my flowers and the heat sapped all of my energy. Good luck with your garden this year!


  2. Is gardening something to avoid in all pregnancies? No one ever told me about this! I still did my garden as usual and grew my veggies and tended my flowers…of course much more slowly and clumsily! I wonder if other pregnant mamas know about this?


    1. It is. There is a danger of toxoplasmosis. The same thing you can get from cat poo. I am sure the likelihood is very low but I got tested and know I don’t have it, so it seems like an unnecessary risk.


    1. I read it in a book. But my doc backed it up when I asked. Again, I think the risk is small but yeah, doctors should probably mention it to their pregnant patients. Maybe gardening isn’t a popular past time? It certainly is for me.

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