14 week update

So according to everyone’s calendars, I have reached my second trimester! I don’t know why we can just agree. It is just counting and really 13 weeks makes the most sense. It was also my doctor’s choice for the begining of the second trimester. I figure she is probably right. My birthday was this weekend. It was a pretty good birthday. My husband took me to a nursery where I picked out a giant fishtail Palm as my present. I have a thing for plants. My house is slowly becoming a jungle. We went out for a nice dinner on my birthday. My sister came. She was combative and mostly complained all night. She had brought a friend along. She always behaves worse when she is around her friends. It is like she has to be extra contrary and more animated, like she is putting on a show. My husband doesn’t really stand for it and cleverly puts her in her place, which just makes her mad. I find it very amusing because it drives me crazy when she behaves that way. My patience for her is in very short supply these days.

My pregnancy has been going well. I have gained about 4lbs. I have a tiny belly still. I switched to maternity pants about a week ago. They are so comfortable. My husband says he can see a belly depending on what I am wearing. My MIL says she can tell too but really it just looks like I have a little pooch like everybody else. It is definitely bigger by the end of the day. My belly button has shown no signs of strain yet. I have started having really sore hips at night. Makes is hard to stay asleep. It seems like I am finally starting to be able to eat dinner again. Last night I ate my entire dinner. I haven’t been able to do that in weeks. My congestion has stepped up a notch. Perfect timing, Spring is almost here. My hay fever will be terrible this year. I am feeling like I have more energy than I did. I still need a nap but I can stay up til 10 again. The last few weeks 8 or 8:30 has been my bedtime. My belly does feel kind of hard, like someone is in there. Bending in half feels a little awkward.

My poor dog sprained her tail at doggie daycare this weekend. I didn’t even know you could have a sprained tail. Poor baby, she has to rest for a few days. It is very sad to see her tail so droopy. She is usually wagging like a maniac and her tail is always up. Now when she wags, her tail stays down and just wags a little bit. Very sad.

I think I am finally going to change my name this week. I have the paperwork ready. We have only been married for 9 years. It is about time I did it. It will make my husband happy. The whole thing seems a little silly to me but it seems like it means a lot to him. Especially now that the baby is on the way. I have a lot to do or start this week. I started a mural in the nursery. Of course I picked the biggest wall. I have some baby blankets and quilts to finish before I start the next round of baby stuff. I also have 8 large scale drawings to complete by the middle of August. I need to start cracking while I have the energy. I would say I would be drinking a lot of coffee to help me out but I still can’t stomach even decaf. It just smells awful.


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