Skeletor and the NT scan

So yesterday we had our genetic counseling appointment and our NT scan. The genetic counselor told us that we could do more testing if we wanted but that the PGS testing we had already done was very comprehensive and further testing would most likely be unnecessary if the NT scan came back normal. That was nice to hear. So Chris and I talked about it and agreed, if the scan was fine, we were done with extra testing. On to the scan! This place had the fanciest ultrsound machine I had ever seen. It looked brand spanking new. There was an additional screen mounted on the wall so I could easily see. The doc came in and introduced himself. Very friendly and then we got started. This was my first over belly scan, I was so excited. I got to keep my pants on!

So he begins and immediately the baby starts wiggling around. Apparently, the baby doesn’t like being poked. Fair enough. The baby keeps rolling from side to side, showing the back or front but not the profile, which, of course, is what we need. The scan takes quite a bit of time because this baby just isn’t cooperating. I was poked more than a few times with the ultrsound wand in hopes of making the baby move. We are getting great views of the face, though. But I have to admit, they are a little creepy. The baby’s bones are very visible, so mostly when it is looking at you, you just see the skull. Chris joked that it is no longer and alien and now I seem to be growing Skeletor Jnr. Thanks babe.

The doc measures three or four times and each time the fluid sack measured the same, 1.7mm. The normal limit for how far along I am is 2.8mm. Great news. The nasal bone measures correctly as well. I was 13 weeks and 2 days yesterday but the baby is a bit ahead of schedule and measured at 13 weeks 6 days. My placenta is on the back topside, so hopefully that means I won’t have any trouble feeling movements. I felt a flutter the other day but can’t be sure it was the baby. But with the acrobatics this kid is doing in my belly already, it seems possible. I feel like I have entered the realm of a normal pregnancy. What a relief.

Insomnia seems to be kicking it. Sleeping on my back is uncomfortable because my lower back gets stiff and sleeping on my side is hard on my hips. Lots of tossing and turning. My mastiff also likes to use me as a pillow, which is very sweet but not helpful. So I was up at 4am today. Had some cereal and went back to bed at about 5:30. I fell fast asleep, only to be woken by said mastiff crying at the door because her daddy was downstairs getting ready for work. So up I get at 7am. She goes and rolls around on the guest bed for awhile, a favorite activity, eats some breakfast and is back asleep within 30 minutes or so. I have had no such luck. I am wide awake, listening to her snore on the other end of the couch. I have a feeling it is going to be an early night.


2 thoughts on “Skeletor and the NT scan

  1. I go in for my NT scan this morning. I thought I felt the babies move a few times yesterday, but who knows what is was really. One of my babies is a mover too. I can’t wait to see them again this morning. Did you get pictures?


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