Thank you, Martha

*post deals with pregnancy

So I woke up this morning and all I wanted was cocoa and toast. We had a snow storm drop about five to eight inches on us from yesterday afternoon into the night. It is very much cocoa weather. But of course I didn’t have any ready made cocoa mix and I wasn’t about to walk to the store, it is only like a block and a half away. But that means I would have to change out of my pajamas which wasn’t something I was prepared to do. And then good old Martha stepped in. I also remember as a child, my mom would make cocoa on the stove top with just sugar and cocoa. So on to google I went and there was Martha Stewart’s cocoa mix. Easy peasy, lemon squeasy. Delicious cocoa I could make in the microwave. Thank you mom and Martha Stewart.

This isn’t the first I have woken up craving some sort of food. The last time it was waffles. I had taken an afternoon nap, these are very common these days, and woken up desperate for waffles. My husband was not impressed. All I have been eating lately is carbs. Lots of cereal. I can’t help it. Then, on top of that, the guy lecturing me about my carb intake bakes delicious sour dough just about every weekend. Thanks babe. I am having trouble with texture and having some serious food aversions. Also, dinner remains a real struggle. I am either famished or totally disgusted. Last night all I could manage was saltines. I made seafood gumbo for my husband’s birthday dinner, complete with a homemade yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting. Couldn’t eat a bite. Morning sickness or should I say dinner sickness struck again. Just when I think I am done with it. Very annoying.

We go for our NT scan on Monday afternoon. I will just be over 13 weeks. Also we are meeting with the genetic counselor. We are interested in the new blood testing that can tell you if you are at risk for any chromosomal abnormalities. We shouldn’t be. We had our embryos tested and they all came back normal. I guess because we had to use donor eggs we have really gone the whole hog, so to speak. We did the PGS testing for chromosomal abnormalities and are now considering the blood test. I can’t say we would have done that if my eggs had worked out. I guess we just felt that because I kept ending up on the bad side of statics, maybe it was a good idea to eliminate, or try too, any problems with the embryos. I mean, I never expected that at 31 with good hormone levels, a stellar AMH level and being in good health that I wouldn’t be able to use my own eggs. I had no idea that I had endometriosis or that it had done the devastating damage it had. I will be forever grateful that we still had the option of a donor and that she helped us create 11 embryos. I am grateful for the baby, happily growing in my belly.

On a side note, to those ladies out there trying to hold on to their regular pants, just give in. Maternity pants are amazing. I just got my first pair the other day and they are life changing. I didn’t realize how uncomfortable my regular pants had become until I put these bad boys on. They aren’t frumpy or gross looking. They fit well and are flattering. I also didn’t realize my regular pants were holding my tiny belly in so much. It appreciates the freedom.


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