The good, the bad and birthday shopping

*post deals with loss and pregnancy

Today I go to my RE for the last time. It is bittersweet. I am happy to be leaving them but sad to lose the support. They have been a big part of my life for the past year. I like my new OB but now I have to get to know someone all over again. My scan last Friday caused some spotting. Trans vag, hopefully the last. My OB hadn’t ever scanned me before and so she didn’t know about the large cyst on my right ovary. The techs at my RE were very familiar and usually ignored it because it doesn’t change and doesn’t produce hormones. It is an endometrioma or a chocolate cyst that is caused by my endometriosis. Anyway, my docs extra exploring caused me to spot. I haven’t had any spotting so this freaked me out. It cleared up, was brown and didn’t cause me any trouble other than stress. I emailed my nurse at the RE and she assured me everything was fine. It will be hard to not have someone to email questions to. It has prevented me from consulting Dr. Google and freaking myself out.

One of my DE IVF sisters got really bad news yesterday. She went in for her scan yesterday. She had strong betas. Her RE couldn’t find a baby, only a gestational sack. My heart is breaking for her. She had no reason to think anything would be wrong or that this didn’t work. She has been trying for years, multiple IUIs and a couple OE IVF cycles. She turned to DE IVF, got her first BFP and now this has happened. She is also 47 so I don’t know how long she will try. It just breaks my heart. Spare a thought for her today if you could.

We are dog sitting a friend’s dog this weekend. It is our dog’s best friend. They really love each other, even though they spend most of their time tackling each other and chewing on each other’s faces. It has really been testing my already thin patience. While this dog is sweet, she has twice as much energy, at least, as our nice and lazy dog. She is a lot to deal with. She jumps and is very under foot. It takes about a day of crazy before they can relax. They are currently in the middle of their crazy dog tornado phase. At least they sleep through the night. I am thankful for that.

A week from Monday, we have our NT scan and are meeting with a genetic counselor. All of our scans have been normal and right on target. We just wanted to hear what the counselor has to say. There are so many non-invasive test options these days and we want to hear about them. My OB explained that IVF makes you high risk even though my age and health as well as the age and health of the donor kind of cancel that out. My donor was 31 too.

I think my MS is fading. It doesn’t happen as often. My hips have been sore lately, almost like growing pains. Heartburn has become part of bedtime now as well. Food aversions are big problem right now. All I really want to eat is cereal. Everything else sounds pretty gross. My husband is not impressed. It has been a struggle to choke down much else. No real sign of a belly yet. Sometimes it just looks like I have had a big dinner. I am going shopping with MIL on Monday. My bday is the first week of March. She is super excited about this whole thing. This will be the first grandchild  and there is a real chance her other two kids won’t have children. No pressure.


One thought on “The good, the bad and birthday shopping

  1. Ugh. Sorry you have to deal with a new doctor and spotting! I would have been SO upset. And your friend’s u/s experience is exactly what I’m terrified of. Send her hugs from me. Now, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! And happy shopping. Enjoy your MIL’s joy.

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