It was the GD cheese sticks!

*post deals with pregnancy and TMI

So am lactose intolerant. I have been for ten years. It is an unpleasant thing but I manage just fine. I will spare you the gory details but let’s just say, dairy products make a speedy exit from my body, that is unless I am pregnant apparently. So I can take pills for said problem and for the most part, they work well. I am not bingeing on cheese and ice cream but I can have nachos every once in awhile. Again, this is pre-pregnant me. Now for some reason, these pills have stopped working about 50% of the time. Like last night, for instance. I had four small mozzarella sticks and dutifully took two pills. About 30 minutes later, I felt awful. Usually I spend some unpleasant time in the bathroom but once the offending food is gone I am fine. Well, that is no longer the case. My guts are working maybe half as fast as they used to now that someone else is interested in what I am eating. So this means today, into the afternoon, my guts are still messed up. I was up all night and what little sleep I got was marred by the body of a big fat dog, looking for cuddles. Unfortunately, I am fully to blame for it all. I was the one that thought 4 mozzarella sticks were a good idea. I should know better by now. Stupid things weren’t even that good.

On to more pleasant things. I had my first scan at my OB on Friday. I was so hoping that this would be my first pants on, over the belly scan. That was not the case. I have gotten very used to my RE techs and their nice machines. My OB  has an ultrasound machine that isn’t as good and she was spouting off info like the techs do.  Which was fine but I think I am a little spoiled at this point because of my RE. She found the baby, no problem and it all measured correctly. She was concerned she would be able to get a heartbeat because this baby is an acrobat and was moving all over the place but she found it, ticking away at 162bpm. It is hard to believe that I am oblivious to something moving around my uterus that much. My MIL said she is quite sure I will be having a wild baby boy. She told me my husband was a good little boy until his brother came along and then they were little terrors. Hopefully, this baby takes after its father and not its uncle.


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