So far, so good

Time is slowly ticking by. Not much to report as, luckily, things are just fine. Fatigue has hit me pretty hard. I thought I was getting over morning sickness but that was just a cruel joke. It seems like I get a couple of days off followed by a couple on. It isn’t too bad. I haven’t puked yet, well it hasn’t made it out of my mouth, sorry TMI.

I have my first u/s this Friday at my regular OB! That is exciting. I also have started weaning off the meds. I cannot wait to be free of daily shots and weekly blood draws. Speaking of shots, my poor husband accidentally jabbed me with the draw needle instead of the injection needle yesterday for my PIO shot. Man did that hurt. It didn’t go in very far. That thing is a monster. Of course he felt awful. I couldn’t really be mad at him. He has bravely volunteered to give me 56 shots so far, only a week and a half to go, and has only made one mistake.

I can tell that my belly had rounded a bit and I am sort of down to one pair of pants that are comfortable but they are starting to get uncomfortable. I know no one else can tell. If anything, they probably think I have been drinking a little too much beer or something. My cravings and aversions are becoming more pronounced. I am ravenous until about 3 in the afternoon. Mostly I want subway chicken sandwiches and sushi. And soy sauce, I want all the soy sauce. Dinner time is when I start feeling queasy, so I haven’t been eating much. It seems that no matter what I have made for dinner it disgusts  me. The smell, the look, I can’t even make it to the taste. Last night I managed some pancakes but the night before only toast. So I guess I will continue to do most of my eating during the day. I am grateful that it isn’t an all day sickness. It is also a sign that things are going well, so even if it is kind of miserable, I am happy to put up with it. I am happy to be getting to the end of the first trimester. I am calling it at 12 weeks. I know some say 13 or even 14 weeks but it seems you just got to choose one.


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