Good lord!

*post deals with pregnancy

This has been an exhausting week. To start off, I went in too early for my progesterone estrogen blood work on Monday. The progesterone hadn’t been in my system long enough to show up on the test. This caused me a great deal of stress because the number was low. So on to blood test number two on Tuesday. Everything was fine. I started asking other women I know doing IVF and NONE of their clinics check these levels. Like at all. I had one woman tell me that her clinic said as soon as she was 10 weeks, she could just quit cold turkey. I love my clinic but this was really stressful and it turns out it is just extra testing they do that isn’t really necessary.

Then on Tuesday, my grandma had her second stroke. She is 88. We moved her closer to us three years ago after she had the first one. So I call my lovely husband and he leaves work early to pick me up so we can go to the hospital. My aunt is a mess but no one knows anything. I do not get along with this aunt. She lives close but is a horrible person. She has done some very cruel and malicious things to my family. Anyway, my grandma is out of it, of course. My aunt is super rude and combative with every nurse and doctor that comes in to speak with us. Not very helpful. The next day I go back to the hospital and sit with my grandma for a few hours. It turns out she got the tPA infusion before the blood clot had done any damage to her brain. Very good news. She was back to her normal self when I visited.

I thought that I had experienced some of tiredness and fatigue of pregnancy early on but I had no idea. This week it has hit me hard. It is awful. I didn’t know I could be so tired. All of the excitement and stress of this week has taken a toll. Last night was my earliest bed time, 7:30. I was queasy after dinner so I went to rest in my bedroom. I just fell asleep and slept all the way till 7am this morning. I started cleaning the house today and only got about half done and again I am exhausted. My mother did say exhaustion was a problem she had as well. I only have two weeks left of this trimester, which is unbelievable! I feel like I might spend a lot of that time asleep.


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