Paint swatches

*post deals with pregnancy

I woke up this morning, like everyday, to get my PIO shot. They aren’t bad but I am going to be happy to see them go. I have had one daily for the past seven weeks. Some days a knot forms, some days it doesn’t. Sometimes the sight swells and is super painful and other times it is like nothing happened. Today I had a scare. Like many women, after my transfer I have been investigating my toilet paper after every time I pee. I can’t help it. This morning was no different. I noticed some brown flecks on my toilet paper. Immediately I began to panic. A knot formed in my stomach and I became incredibly anxious. I emailed my nurse to see if I should be worried. She emailed back in about 10 minutes telling me everything was fine and not to worry. This is very common in pregnancy. This calmed me down but I still had all of this anxious energy balled up in my gut. I called my husband at work and he calmed me down. I felt better. A little later my doctor called to congratulate me. She had missed me at the office on Friday. Again she told me not to worry and that it was very common to have spotting after trans vag ultrasounds because the cervix is full of blood and sensitive. If it gets brushed you can spot. This made me feel much better. And grateful that this should be the last trans vag u/s for awhile.

So this whole thing is getting crazy. I went in on Friday for my last scan at my RE. It is kind of sad to leave them behind. They have been so great and supportive. But it is nice to have graduated. I was 8 weeks and 6 days on Friday. The tech had no problem finding the heartbeat, pounding away at 189 bpm. Everything looked good and measured correctly. Then the baby started moving around. Waving its little arms and legs like crazy, shifting around. It was surreal. It is still hard to believe that this little olive is in my belly, growing and thriving.

My next appointment is the 13th of February. I will miss having nurses that I can email with any questions, who will respond in under 30 minutes. It is very reassuring to have someone like that. The PA I spoke with after my scan said that I could still ask questions but I will feel a little weird about it. It will be hard to just be “normal” at my OB, but wonderful at the same time. I have grown close with my RE and her staff. They know my case intimately. It will be hard to start over, so to speak. I switched OBs in December because the last practice was terrible.

I am starting to feel more confident about this pregnancy but it is hard too fully accept. I picked out some paint swatches for our guest bedroom. I haven’t been able to refer to it as a nursery yet. I will get there. I have a particularly nosy friend who has suspected my pregnancy for awhile. I have told her that I have just stopped drinking for January to give my body a bit of a rest and pick me up. I don’t know if she is buying it. When I refused a drink the other night she immediately asked what was up with that. She had perched herself on the edge of the counter, growing taller by the second with excitement. I explained my lie but I think she is still suspicious. I know she won’t bring it up again but January is over now.


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