Blob on board

*post deals with pregnancy

So today was our first ultrasound. I am 7weeks 2days today. When I woke up this morning, my husband told me that he had a dream last night that the ultrasound went really well. The only thing was the baby was a     T-Rex with lobster claws. We were ok with that. Like it was normal. He said that T was very responsive and in good shape. We were quite pleased with the results in the dream. When he had started to tell me about the dream, I assumed it wouldn’t be good. He is a worrier, so I was relieved that he was cheery and had had a nice dream.

So on to the real appointment. Started off with a blood draw. There was some confusion as I was not on the schedule. This is the first time I have had any sort of hiccup at my clinic, which is fantastic. Then on to blood pressure and weight. I thought for sure I had out on a pound or two because of the progesterone. When I was 19 I started Depo as my birth control. Instantly put on 15lbs. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had actually lost a few a pounds, even though my jeans are getting a little tighter. Then it was off to the u/s room. The room is tiny and as we wait, my husband is getting much closer to the u/s machine than I would like him to. “What are these buttons for? Why is there a keyboard? Is this thing on?” All while he is getting dangerously close to touching all of it. Luckily for him, the tech knocks before she comes in. Warning him.

So on to Blob. The tech finds Blob, no problem. Starts taking measurements, says they are all perfect, right where they should be. Then she says, “Let’s listen to the heartbeat.” And away it goes. You can see the little white flicker as the tiny heart pounds away at 149 bpm. I thought that I would instantly feel pregnant because truthfully I only occasionally feel that way. I didn’t feel any different, physically. I think emotionally, I am still processing. It hasn’t hit home yet that little Blob is in there, heart beating away. It still feels strange to refer to myself as pregnant.


4 thoughts on “Blob on board

  1. Wonderful news on the ultrasound. And my husband is the same way, but he does actually touch everything in the room. It’s so annoying! As for believing you are pregnant, I’m now 21 weeks and I’m still in aw that the tiny vision on the screen is really inside me! Congrats!


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