So today was the first time I have told a stranger I was pregnant. Besides my husband and nurses, two people know. Today I had to go to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. There are signs plastered everywhere that tell you to let your hygienist know if you are pregnant. So I did. It was a little weird. She asked how far along. I said six weeks. She said “oh so you just found out!” I didn’t correct her and tell her that I have known for a couple of weeks. She did ask about the progesterone I listed as a medicine I was taking. She said she had to take it because of two miscarriages after her first. I told her is was just part of the IVF meds. Then the dentist came in and was told. It was all very strange. I have been living in my little bubble with no incursion from the outside world. This is really happening.


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