Weight, what?

So one of the things that my nurse has told me several times is not to lift over 10lbs until at least my scan. Sure, no problem, I say. But it kind of is a problem. 10lbs isn’t much weight. Like at all. I am an artist/housewife. So I make stuff, clean stuff and cook stuff. For the making, I have a sewing machine that I use a lot of the time. It is a very mobile endeavor and sometimes, most of the time really, I don’t want to be in my studio in the basement sewing. We have tons of windows in our house and my dog hates the basement, so we prefer the first floor for sewing. I am pretty sure my machine, which has a lovely handle, is over 10lbs. On to the cleaning stuff, easy, my vacuum definitely weighs over 10lbs and I already mentioned the dog, so that is a must. Now for cooking stuff. I do most of the grocery shopping and conveniently have a grocery store near by, so I walk. I plan weekly menus, so my bag is always very close if not over 10lbs. If I have to buy flour or milk, forget about it. So as you can see, this 10lbs rule really has an impact on my daily life. It also drives my husband nuts. He thinks it is ridiculous.

So enter google. I don’t know why I never bothered looking this up before or just asking my nurse, but I didn’t. So it turns out your ligaments become stretchy during pregnancy and you have the potential to hurt yourself. Nothing to do with the baby, just you. Now I am not saying I’ll be throwing around 50lb bags of cement but I am certainly not going to worry about carrying the vacuum up and down the stairs anymore. I am sure as things progress, lifting things will become more difficult but I have awhile and hoops to jump through before that happens.

We did get out first pregnancy book. It is called Expecting Better by Emily Oster. It is a very practical book and one we read awhile ago when all this getting pregnant stuff was supposed to be easy. Anyway, the author goes through studies that talk about why certain things are bad for you, presents the data, and tells you the realistic danger of whatever. It turns out you can’t really do anything in the first trimester but after that there is some wiggle room. Like, oh my god, I can still eat sushi. As long as I avoid large long-lived fish with high levels of mercury, she has a handy chart for that. Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because my husband is reading it a little differently than I am. He is sort of picking and choosing things he finds to be a problem. He doesn’t mind the sushi but OMG if I dye my hair, just my roots, I will have a mutant baby. Meanwhile, he is happy for my to flout actual medical advice from a medical professional, the weight thing, because he feels like it is nonsense. I kind of agree but I told him this a is a slippery slope and he needs to cool it with the ridiculous level of worry. We will see if that happens.


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