Is it 2 or 3

That is the question. My transfer was on Thursday at 11:30. So do I count Thursday as part of the days past transfer? I don’t know. I am trying to not think about it. It did count as a day of bed rest. Light cramping started Thursday night and is still going on. A little twinge here or there. I was unbelievably bloated yesterday. I felt like as big as a house. I was also nauseous but I also had a noveral/hcg shot yesterday. I am sure that was the main contributing factor. I have also been tired but these hormones have been making me tired for weeks now.

I have a blood test on the 23rd. Not sure what it is for. It isn’t listed as a pregnancy test like the other two upcoming tests. I was told it was just to check and make sure everything looked good. I am grateful to have one soonish, even if it doesn’t give me a definite answer. I feel like it will prevent me from POAS. I don’t have any tests and I really don’t want to buy any. I am hoping to make it to my first beta on the 28th without POAS but I just don’t know if that will happen. I have been eating pineapple for the bromelain. It might help with implantation. It seemed like an easy thing to do. I love pineapple anyway. I usually buy one if they have them in the veg aisle. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn’t. I still really love pineapple.

I have pictures of the embryo and also a picture of it once it was put in my uterus. We haven’t shared these photos and I don’t know if we will. While I am excited and happy, I am still a realist. At the transfer, I asked my doc what happens if it doesn’t work. She scolded me and said I shouldn’t be a pessimist. I told her I am optimistic but mainly a realist. Addressing the elephant in the room helps me to deal with him a little better. I don’t see it as being negative but I do understand how it could be seen that way.

I have a feeling that the minutes are going to slowly tick by while I wait for each appointment. Luckily Christmas will take up some time.


4 thoughts on “Is it 2 or 3

  1. I have absolutely no expertise about this, but I would guess that Friday would be the first day past transfer? My RE doesn’t seem to even count the day of as one of the 2 bed rest days. I hope you are able to stay relaxed and enjoy the holidays! I’m still waiting to see when my transfer date will be, might make it in Dec after all!


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