Keeping things in check

So it occurred to me the other day, that I need to keep track of symptoms I am feeling now because of the meds, to keep me grounded in reality for after the transfer. As I am sure that many of you can relate, symptoms are confusing. So many of them can be caused by either pregnancy or an impending period. Now we are adding meds to the mix. Before this whole crazy IF business started, there were times when I thought it had worked that month and went through symptom spotting only for AF to come a week late. So I know now that my mind can delay my period  when there was never a possibility for me to conceive without medical intervention. That is just crazy to me. There were three or four times when I was four to six days late and it was all in my mind. So in hopes of preventing my mind playing tricks on me, I know that sounds crazy, I want to catalog symptoms now. So here goes.

headaches – some so bad I am nauseous

body aches – lower back, general

sore boobs

bloating and cramping

tiredness – I am barely making it to 9pm at night

restlessness – getting up at 6am because I can’t sleep anymore

peeing all the time

noveral/hcg makes me dizzy and makes me want to puke

So I had a shot of noveral yesterday to “lock my lining in” at 10.5. I felt fine afterwards but then last night around 9:30 I was dizzy and thought I was going to puke. I thought maybe I just needed to eat. That wasn’t the case. I felt worse after I ate. And of course we were out at a restaurant with friends. I was trying desperately to signal to DH I needed to go. He was not picking up what I was putting down. The friends we were with got it. They asked what was wrong. I am fairly talkative and had been pretty quiet.

So anyway, I made it home. My night was long and unpleasant. No puking but not much sleeping. My dog knew I didn’t feel well and kept snuggling up every time I came back to bed. That is all very sweet but she weighs 85lbs and cuddling, is her laying on top of  you in some fashion. I think I finally fell asleep around 2 or 3 in the morning. But no sleeping in for me today! It is day one or my progesterone shot. It has to be given between 6 and 9am. And DH has to do it. I don’t have the dexterity to jab myself in the ass with 1.5 inch needle. So that means 7am everyday before he goes to work. The nurse also said not to go back to bed afterwards. She said it will hurt less if I move around for 30 minutes. That way it won’t knot up in my muscle.

On to the shot. Man I was nervous. So was my husband. I laid on my belly and got ready. My dog decided to lay on my legs, pinning me to the bed. My husband was also nervous. He was sure he would hit a bone even though the nurse said that wasn’t possible. So he cleaned a spot in one of the circles the nurse drew on me, took a deep breathe and said ‘ok’. I barely felt anything of course. No big deal. But then we got up. Boo. I was running on just a few hours of sleep. Took the dog for a walk and then I went back to bed after a snack. I am sure the progesterone will have its own lovely side affects. I just have to wait. The lupron shots are almost done and I am back down to 2 estrogen patches today.

My MIL asked if all the hormones were making me crazy yet. I told her not yet. I seem to have more physical issues and even those are pretty mild. She said she will help cover my tracks at Christmas so no one notices I am not drinking. She is pretty great. We talked about breast feeding last night. How women with smaller boobs store less. They can produce as much but have less storage room. We both fall into this category. She said, “Well, look at mine! They aren’t that big and I never had a problem. C was a rolly polly fat baby!” C is my husband. I thought that was quite funny.


4 thoughts on “Keeping things in check

  1. Smart to track things. I wish I had continued that as my memory is terrible! I’ll have to remember this time. That sounds like a sweet convo with your MIL. So nice to have supportive people around!


  2. Glad you didn’t feel much, but I’ve found the hip injections are even less painful if you stand up, let your leg kind of dangle with all your weight on the opposite leg. I learned this actually because I had to give them to myself and I just couldn’t make it work lying down. The first few times I was afraid I’d pass out and fall over, but all was well!


    1. I’ll have to try that. Luckily my DH is very involved in the jabs. I think he sort of feels helpless in the whole situation and thinks this is a way to contribute. I am happy for the help. The inch and half needle is intimidating. I am glad I don’t have to watch it go in.


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