Where did the time go?

Now that the year is ending, I feel like time has flown by this year. But then I remember the months of waiting around that seemed like an eternity. Waiting for this test or that phone call. IF has made this a busy year. I think it seems like time has flown by because I am so close to some sort of resolution. My transfer date is only 9 days away. That seems crazy. This week is a big week, well it was supposed to be. By this Friday, my lining was supposed to be 8mm or the cycle would be canceled. Well I went in yesterday for a scan and blood work. I am already at 11.2mm. Fantastic news. There was no indication that I would have trouble building a lining but I was also not supposed to have any trouble with IVF. That certainly did not turn out to be the case. That experience has curbed my enthusiasm. Now I am brutally realistic, bordering on pessimistic. So Monday was a relief. I still go in on Friday to check progress. My doctor confirmed my transfer date and said she thinks my uterus will be perfect for implantation. Let’s hope this works.

We have told very few people about our situation. I have been grateful for that. It has saved us from awkward conversations and hurt feelings. We are very private people and while I understand that some people find it helpful to share, we just don’t fall into that category. My mother, my sister, my mother-in-law, and my best friend know. There are two other friends that know spotty details but that is it. My mother-in-law and my best friend have been great. They are both very grounded and can express their happiness and hope without going over the top and making you feel like you have to live up to their expectations. It is nice to be able to have honest candid conversations about something so major in our lives.

Now on to non IF stuff. What!? We have lives that don’t involve IF? Crazy, right?

I have been installing an art show at the co-op gallery that I am a member at this week. I answered the phone the other day while I was there. It was a teacher of mine from high school. The town I went to high school in is nearly 5 hours from where I live now. She had brought an advanced drawing class down to a show at the gallery and wanted to know the artists’ names. After I told her, I explained I was a former student. Even though it was 13 years ago, she remembered me. She said she was so happy I was still making art. It is a small world.

good luck to everyone waiting for tests, appointments and good news!


8 thoughts on “Where did the time go?

  1. I hope it all goes well for you! I am just starting estrogen tonight to get ready for my first FET- we have also told very few people, just my parents and sister and people I’ve met through our local resolve group. Glad your have a good support system, it’s definitely important!

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    1. Thanks! I am wishing you luck as well. Are you just taking pills or patches as well? I feel like I am super hopped up on estrogen right now. I take my daily pill and put patches on every other day. Tomorrow I put on four patches!


      1. I know! I was supposed to have a minimum of 8mm multilayered lining by Friday. I think the four patches was to help that. I thought because I was at 11mm on Monday they would cut back. Not the case. I have had bloating and cramping. It sort of feels like I am about to start my period and has now for about a week. I imagine this will continue. Progesterone shots start Saturday so I am sure I will be ringing in the new feeling bloated. Drinking lots of water helps.


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