Roller coaster….of love?

Man this stuff is taxing. It is crazy how quickly you can run the gambit of emotion when dealing with IF. just nuts. I feel like I am going mad sometimes. We paid for our donor’s cycle last Friday and signed some forms. She started on Sunday. Her US was great, her blood work was great. So at our office visit we talked about timing and what not. Come to find out our clinic’s lab is closed for two weeks in December. Now this is completely rational and reasonable, but we all know that doesn’t make things any easier. So my nurse says we can manipulate the schedule so we can fit in the transfer before they close, well she says it is a possibility.

So I email today about starting the BCP for this cycle, to gear up and get ready. The other nurse then informs me that it is unlikely I will be able to do it this cycle. I am gutted and on the verge of AF, so that helps me remain totally rational, of course. I am going back and forth with her and then my husband about this whole thing, trying to figure it out. My lovely husband, without asking, sends me an email he has drafted to send on to the nurse so we can sort this out. I tend to say things that come out convoluted and garbled, confusing whomever I am talking to. Stream of consciousness is not a good way to explain yourself. Anyway, see easily sidetracked, I send on the email and get a phone call very soon after. Our problem is the elective PGS testing. I would have to start the lupron shots before they had the results from the test. Luckily, this isn’t a huge issue for us. My husband and the donor have no genetic issues. The main reason we are doing the testing is to cut the miscarriage rate and insure a healthy embryo. Our donor has great stats on the last two and only two donations. One couple did the PGS testing. The loss of embryos from that was zero. So the probability of an issue is very low, low enough that the risk of losing the $400 of meds I need is worth it.

So, we finally are going to get over this hurdle. We are finally going to get to the stage we haven’t been able to on our own. We will finally have embryos. December 10th is my transfer date. It is crazy that I have an actual date, a tangible thing. God I hope this works.


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