Holy crap.

So we were officially matched with our donor today. Her period starts next week and that is when she will start her protocol. After so much waiting around for something to happen, it looks like it will be happening this month. The transfer will be next month if all goes well. Holy crap.

While I am very excited about getting started, there was something else I wanted to talk about. I went to a party the other day. It was clothes swapping party at a friend’s house. I knew exactly 2 of the 12 people there. No prob, I can handle that. What I couldn’t handle was that EVERYONE was a mother. Lots of new moms. Some people brought kids with them. It was in the afternoon. ALL they talked about were their kids, babies and pregnancy. I have handled infertility pretty well. I haven’t been resentful or jealous of friends with babies, but I have very few. Like one. Almost all of my friends are men, always have been. I grew up with three older brothers. It was easy to talk to boys. I always knew where I stood.

Now all of these women were very nice but I felt so unbelievably inadequate. First, I was out of my element with so many new people and then they were all moms. And that is all they talked about. Seriously. That’s it. After I realized that I had been part of a conversation for at least thirty minutes with out saying hardly  a thing, I resorted to a story about two boys I used to babysit. Just to contribute. I didn’t mention that I was 15 at the time the story took place. God I felt useless. Hopefully all that is about to change.


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