And away we go….. maybe

** I have gonal-f that I cannot give to my donor because it is open. I have to injection pens with 750IU left on them. I would love to give them to someone who needs them. All I ask is you pay postage. I live in CO.

So we are firmly on the road of egg donation. Donation is a funny term for it. Donation in the sense that the woman donating doesn’t have to do it if she doesn’t want to. We are most definitely purchasing eggs. The suggested donation (yeah right) is the price of a nice new car. And really when you think about it in those terms, it isn’t much money. I would much rather have children than a new car, obviously.

I have mentioned it before, but for whatever reason, I am not really hung up on not having a biological child. I am painfully realistic and pragmatic. I guess the way I see it is that little bundle of cells would not and could not become a baby if I wasn’t involved. That is enough for me. A growing baby in my belly will be enough. Let’s just get to that stage.

So we met with the donor nurse. She was very friendly and very timid. Really her manner may be down to the gravity of the situation. But we had a very good understanding of pretty much all of it. We are just eager to start. We wanted to start yesterday. We had talked to my doctor already during my appointment about the last cancelation. We get why I was canceled and why IVF isn’t really the right path for us. We talked about the state of my uterus, which seems to be in great nick. It responded the way it was suppose to. We talked about the different types of egg donation with our doc. By the time we met with the nurse, we had made most of the important decisions.

Up next is a psych evaluation. Apparently the FDA requires the evaluation before you can start the egg donation process. The doctor at the practice said that it was mostly an educational session. After we tick that box, we can confirm our donor. The appointment is tomorrow so by Monday, we might have our donor. Then depending on her cycle we will get started. I am trying not to get too excited, trying not to count my eggs before they hatch. Man, that is a totally relevant turn of phrase. In her last two cycles, she made 7 and 8 blastocysts. That is pretty great. Both women got pregnant with embryos to spare.

On a side note, there was another IVF blogger who followed me and I followed her. She has made her blog private or deleted it. From the last few posts, it seemed like she was firmly headed towards success. I am sort of sad that I don’t know how it turned out for her. I truly wish the best for anyone going through this. Your joy makes me happy and your trials make me sad. The support, even online and anonymous, makes a difference to anyone dealing with this. You don’t feel so lonely, so broken. So please don’t hide your blog if things work out for you. I want to know you finally achieved what we are all trying to do. Not only does it make me happy but it also offers a little bit of hope to readers.


7 thoughts on “And away we go….. maybe

  1. A couple things; the FDA doesn’t require a psych eval. We were told that as well until we began to explore other clinics. They TELL you that because it helps the clinic determine what patients aren’t emotionally going to handle it as well as they believe they will. It’s rather deceitful, dontcha think? The other thing I wanted to highly suggest is using a clinic with its OWN donor pool. When you do that you eliminate the agency fee and save a veritable crap ton of money. The clinic must have its own pool, so if they tell you they do and you later learn they have a favorite agency they exclusively work with, it’s not the same thing. I realize I sound a little bitter, but it’s only because I’ve traveled this road a few times! My example: two clinics I interviewed worked with outside agencies and the overall donor egg ivf total was right about 30k. Two others have their own pool of candidates; one clinic was about 22k and one was 17k. Clinics with their own pool tend to have less selection and you may have to wait for just the right donor to be available. I decided it was width the 13k difference to be patient!


    1. I was wondering that. The psychologist said that my doctor required patients to do it to make sure they were emotionally ready. Our clinic does have its own pool which is nice. We briefly looked at private agencies but decided it would be better to use our clinic’s. They have been great so far so it seemed stupid to go with someone different. They also have very high standards of who they let donate. We are using one of their repeat donors so they had all of her info for her last two cycles which was very helpful. Thanks for your comment.


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