So that’s done with

Well I got cancelled again. Same reason, my estrogen level dropped. It went from 149 to 107. So that is it. We are finished with IVF. I know many do multiple cycles and end up with success but we tried a different protocol, one that was supposed to prevent this from happening again and well it happened again. We meet with my doc on Friday. Then we will know for sure what is going, well kind of.

It seems to me that the endometriosis just will not allow that many eggs to mature at once. I had 8 follicles plugging away. Trying there hardest. The estrogen drop indicates poor quality eggs. I am not and we are not willing to continue trying IVF. It eats up your life. It is all consuming. Maybe I have some good eggs in there, maybe I don’t. My reserve is high but that doesn’t really matter if this is what happens when I try to get them out. We didn’t think this would be the hard part.

So now we will be moving on. Egg donation here we come. We talked about this even before I started cycle 1. Just because it seemed like we should and well we were right. For whatever reason, I am ok with not having a biological child. It doesn’t seem as important as having a child. I would carry it, it would still be a part of me. Unfortunately, this is where things get expensive. Fortunately, we never made it that far into either cycle to spend much of the money we paid. Retrieval, cooking the embryos and putting them back are the expensive part. Ultrasounds and blood work are the cheap part.

I was optimistic this time but knew that is was very possible this wouldn’t work. Oh well. On to Plan B.


4 thoughts on “So that’s done with

  1. I have always felt my own genetics do not matter. It is all about nurturing that beautiful baby in your arms and giving him/ her a good life. Good luck!


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