Knots in my stomach

As I was sitting here waiting for my afternoon phone call from the clinic I had knots in my stomach. As the minutes ticked by I kept thinking the worst, preparing for it. I began to think about literal knots in my stomach and realized I kind of have some. There are my messed up tubes snaking around every which way, endometriosis tissue everywhere and now swollen ovaries. I am carrying around a lot stuff in my guts at the moment. Let’s add some anxiety to the mix. That being said, I got my phone call. NOT CANCELED! Thank god. More meds but whatever. I am a human pin cushion at this point. I am surprised how well I am holding myself together with all of these hormones pumping through my body. I got a little teary at a commercial with a dog in it but no major meltdowns. Fuck, this is stressful. Sorry for cussing. Let’s hope this juju continues.


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