So on Friday my cycle was canceled. I don’t really know what to say about it. Or how to feel.

My appointment was positive. New follicles, uterian lining was looking good. I was happy. Positive. Feeling tired and bloated from the medicine but positive.

Then 2 o’clock rolls round and I get my call from my nurse. She has bad news. My estrogen count is not increasing and a couple of eggs are shrinking. I make it through the phone call and the scheduling of an appointment with my doctor without crying. As soon as I hang up, it is all over. My poor dog. She is freaked out trying to comfort me. Of course my husband is on a bike ride. But he is due to be back soon. He comes in covered in sweat. I don’t really want a hug from him. Not when he is covered in sweat and grit. I am dreading the text from my mother-in-law asking how my appointment went. She is wonderful and I love her very much. I just don’t want to have to discuss another failure with anyone. These failures are hard to take. And they are all on my side of the equation. I am the broken piece. 

I have been trying very hard not to immediately go to the internet and look up all the reasons IVF cycles are canceled. But I have twice, for a few minutes. My husband also looked briefly. It looks like low estrogen and a lack of follicle response are the two main reasons. Low estrogen has a better chance of being fixed. It is getting harder to find the silver linings. I have to wait till Friday for my doctor’s appointment. I will know more then. I am trying to not speculate.

It is going to be a very long week. 


11 thoughts on “Canceled

  1. Oh Hun, that sucks. Our first IVF cycle was cancelled too, as we only had 1 egg, which never fertilised. I still strongly remember that feeling of disappointment. Be gentle on yourself. It’s upwards from here. Hopefully your specialist will have some answers and a new approach for next time. X


    1. No,I haven’t. We have to wait till Friday to try and figure it out. I was on BCP for 21 days before. Maybe that suppressed my estrogen too much. We will see. Thanks for reading. Hopefully I will have some sort of an answer Friday.


  2. I’m so sorry. I sincerely hope they can help you find a better protocol and that you can stop feeling like the broken link- such a heartbreaking feeling. But it’s not your fault, you are doing everything you can.


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