Day 7 – Curse of the fried chicken

So these hormones are really making me apathetic. And tired. So I had another ultrasound to add to my long list of ultrasounds. Everything is moving along nicely. Lots of growing. There was one issue. Because of my endo, my bowel sort of obstructs the view of my right ovary during ultrasounds. It doesn’t  make sense to me either but the tech showed it to me today. My lovely husband got me delicious fried chicken for dinner last night because I was feeling pretty meh. Well that fried chicken, sorry if this is TMI, has not settled well in my hormone filled body. Imagine that. So my bowel had gas in it this morning that was pretty much preventing any view of my right ovary. Great job chicken. Thanks for the help. I didn’t ask too many questions today. Just whether or not things are getting bigger.

I was laying in bed this morning, after my 6:30 am jabs, starting to get a little freaked out. Wondering if things were growing, will I have enough and on and on. Then it occurred to me that things are working. They are working however they will work. I have no control over what happens. All I can do is keep giving myself injections and taking medicine. That’s it. That is about all the control I have. That and avoiding fried chicken. I found this comforting. It sort of released me from some of the worry I feel.

So far I have been very, or trying to be, zen about this. This will be tested tonight. I have a sister who can be very horrible. She gave me tickets to a concert for my birthday a few months ago. Well tonight is the concert. I am not feeling 100% as you can imagine. So she asks for a ride because she has a ticket as well. I say yes. I then tell her what time we are leaving, scheduling shots twice a day really impacts everything else. I also let her know that we are not planning on staying the whole time. She is fully aware that I am jacked up on hormones. So first I get a text complaining about the time we are leaving for the venue. Then I get one in response to leaving early. It says, “Oh great, well fuck me.” Now it seems to have completely slipped by her that us giving her a ride is a favor. I explain that I have been on hormones now since Sunday and really don’t need any of her crap. I suggest she finds her own way if her free ride is a problem. We will see how it all plays out tonight I guess.

So I just got my call about the tests and ultrasound this morning. Feeling a little deflated. I was told I have five follicles that are all about the same size. There are some smaller ones that might catch up and possibly a couple more on my right side that they couldn’t see. I do need to remember that, on average, women are on the stim drugs for 8 to 12 days. I am only 4 1/2 days in. Breathe, relax. This will work. Happy thoughts.


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